Second jobs, once rare in Japan, are reshaping attitudes about work

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Those 16-18 hour taxi shifts should be illegal. Mind you, even if they were the law wouldn't be enforced.

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'Any economy where people need a second job to make ends meet is not a successful economy'.

Which economies meet your 'unicorn land' criteria? Not the USA. Not the UK-my mother had 3 jobs to raise 3 kids. I bet some people in China have 2nd jobs or work far longer hours than in the West. The guy in the article is putting his kid through University so good for him going the extra mile for his family.

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nah, some people i know who teaches English on the side do not declare their side job incomes. It has no paper trail.

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I’m thankful for having my hobby as my job. I see it very impossible to do another apart from my full-time job but I will do it if I really need to.

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I never told my company that I was working a side job, and it was never in my contract that I couldn't. My boss found out that I was doing it and he yelled at me for it. He told me that he pays me a good salary, and I said that yes he does and thanked him for it. But promptly told him it was not enough, and since I knew he could not pay me anymore than he was, I took matters into my own hand. I could work overtime, but I make more than my overtime pay teaching English on the side. Before anyone asks about my wife working part-time, in one hour I make 3.5 times what she would make. In our case, it is better that she stays home and takes care of the kids. I have worked at the same company for many years now, and I still pretty much bring in the same amount home since I started. Every time I get a raise, insurance, pensions and taxes go up and take it away.

I have some very long days, but it is worth it to take care of my family. I have most of my weekends off, so I can spend time with them then.

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They way I see it, in order to earn my total annual income at a single company, I'd probably be expected to stick around at the office until 9 ish every night anyway.

So I'm happier to put in the "overtime" at home, with my family.

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How do you declare that extra income? Do people declare it? I can imagine tax would cut that profit a lot.

Do you need to set up a company? Anywhere to find info about it?

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No need to do Second or Side Job unless you enjoy.

Typically 20 days a month (9 to 12 hours a day), 2 days off a week. You give time to yourself, your family and enjoy life freely on day offs.

You sure can EARN but better prepared for SAVINGS.

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The 4.5 million-4.8 million yen a year he makes from his primary job is far short of what he needs to cover a mortgage and university for his son, Hasegawa said.

Here is a HUGE part of the problem. Dad is busting his butt to feed, cloth, and house his kid AND he has to feel the need to pay for his child's education?

Where's Mom in all this? What's her income? How about the son? PT-Job? Scholarships? Student-Loans? It can be done, and there are people in this country that would KILL for the income he is getting!

who earns several thousand yen a month from a side job shooting and editing videos for businesses.

Several thousand yen? Must not be too good at his job if that is all he is making.

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Tokyo's annual cost of living for an average household is about $3,300 a month,

What is the point of stating the annual cost as a monthly figure??

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I want to open a skunk and possum cafe ;)=

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Shinzo Abe's goal of creating a workforce that can adapt to economic changes

You mean the "economic changes" in which the yen loses value, prices go up, and we get less product for our money? All of which Abe initiated?

Devalue our money, send prices upward, raise taxes, force people to take on second jobs just to make ends meet... and the free-spending government is the only winner as they take in tax money at every step!

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It's very strange that people have to inform their employer before taking on a second job. It's not their 'primary' employer's business.

Strange? It's a common rule in labour contracts with many if not most companies in Europe, also among US MNCs I know. Wages and social security systems are merely at such a level that a second job is no necessity.

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A ratio pay tax would make the profits shared...or the company,would lose more profits in taxation, their choice. Works for small businesses as the owner could hardly afford to pay themselves over 10x the lowest paid employee.

There are other things that could help too...

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It's not their 'primary' employer's business.

It depends on the business. Many times it is the primary employer's business.

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It's very strange that people have to inform their employer before taking on a second job. It's not their 'primary' employer's business.

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I wouldn't want this guy to drive me anywhere.

Tired driving can be just as dangerous as DWI.

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I have a lot of sympathy for young people, I think they face a world in advanced countries that is harder than a generation ago, and I find all those memes about millenials being hopeless and pampered incorrect and tiresome.

However, I note the comment in the story about many older people working two jobs, and the specific example of a taxi driver working on the side of a full time job to pay for his son's university. The son should get a loan. You can't just assume parents will pay for everything in the economy we now face.

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Is this what they call progress? People working 18 hour shifts and second jobs because they have too apparently.

Japan needs to significantly increase wages.

"There's no rest. I try to avoid being short of sleep as that would cause trouble driving a taxi."

I would be extremely surprised if you are getting your 8 hours sleep, even 1 night a week.

You will pay dearly for it when you hit 60, 70. Please try some other employment options.

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This is hardly new as plenty of people have been doing side jobs for a long time even in the bubble economy as well

Just now its needed

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I once got into a taxi and noticed that the driver had his eyes taped open. Well, he had already started so I just told him where I wanted to go, and got there safely. But still, I couldn't help but wonder.

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Ahhh fantastic that Watanabe San confirmed that a side-gig would not be a brain drain. Guess that means Japan can press on with this super modern concept of a (wait for it) .....SIDE JOB ladies and gents.

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Obvious are some foreigners living in Japan so focused on their personal economic circumstances that they miss the big picture :)

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Any economy where people need a second job to make ends meet is not a successful economy.

So you see the US of A as a non successful economy? :)

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Any economy where people need a second job to make ends meet is not a successful economy.

exactly. Well said gary

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I've been doing freelance work at home in the evening to supplement my salary for years now.

I usually earn more per month from the freelance work than my day job (where I leave at 17:10 on the dot every day).

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If a second job can allow you to dabble in an interest that is great. It can also be an opportunity to slowly build a small business or consultancy.

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Any economy where people need a second job to make ends meet is not a successful economy.

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