iPhone 14 cheapest in Japan among 37 countries: survey


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I ain't spending $800+ for another iphone which practically doesn't different much from it previous models. No matter how much market share they have here, no one is that crazy to buy another every year

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Interesting, but it would be helpful to know what the price difference is.

Big Macs are cheaper in USD terms in Japan than in most developed countries. See page 3 of this article for a recent chart.

Cheap Iphones would actually bring tourists in, like folks used to go to HK to buy video cameras and Walkmans. That Apple can sell it much cheaper in Japan suggests they must be charging what they believe the local market will bear. They must also have massive margins versus the manufacturing cost in some markets.

I have a home loan and a business loan, so I appreciate Japan's ultra low interest rates. This sacrifices the currency, but I think I still come out ahead. Given the economic activity the low interest rates encourage, such as new house construction in a country with millions of empty properties, perhaps it's a good thing, regardless of what economic orthodoxy may say.

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Normally upgrade my iPhone every two years. Decided to use my iPhone 12 for four years.

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The 128-gigabyte model was sold at 119,800 yen in Japan

Still too high.. that's why we are looking to upgrade to the 13 Max.

Big Macs are cheaper in USD terms in Japan than in most developed countries. See page 3 of this article for a recent chart.

McDonald's in Japan is extremely cheap. What I want to know is why Burger King is so expensive here when MD and BK prices in Canada are not that different.

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Last year got my spouse the iPhone 13 mini. She won't swap it for a larger model.

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… and Japan is the only one of those 37 major countries to have near identical average yearly income as they did in 1992 (according to NHK)…

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Just shows the price gouging going on by these scumbags! They know there is plenty of competition in japan and price it accordingly.

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I tried one of these while waiting for my wife at Rakuten, it's absolutely the SAME thing as my iPhones (6s, 7, 8) I use to watch YT/Netflix while driving/at home, maybe a better camera and speaker, apart of those I was surprised everything seemed and felt exactly the same as my 5~7 year old phones, just couldnt find any reason to upgrade to these "newer" models.

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Well, a lot of the motivation to buy the latest gadget is ostentation; perhaps to show one is finally rich.

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They most likely did this because they had to. I have many friends who work as a hardware salesman that cannot stress how hard it is to sell devices or appliances at their original asking price because the end users or clients will always ask for a lower price or they will choose other companies. Bargaining is rooted deeply in the Japanese business scene.

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Maybe yo iphone will suddenly be come slow tis time of year.

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I did upgrade my 11 to a 13 pro max. There is a noticeable difference between the two. But I tested out the 14 in the shop. Feels and looks the same. Maybe better camera and processor but other than that I see no reason to upgrade. Waste of money. Maybe next year’s model will be more interesting.

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The problem with Apple's iPhone's is that Apple has a built in "Kill-switch" which fixes their useable live to a certain timescale.

So once you're bought into Apple, you're there to stay unless, you can bite the bullet and switch to something else.

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I bought a Xiaomi phone from China for under ¥20,000. Works fine and has a great camera. Thinking about taking a trip somewhere with all the money I saved by not buying Apple.

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Apple's iPhone's is that Apple has a built in "Kill-switch"

That is not true,

The Apple kill switch, or activation lock, was a feature added to iOS 7 that lets users remotely lock and wipe their iPhones in the event their phones are stolen or lost. To enable this feature you must first enable “Find my iPhone.” Go to Settings - iCloud - Sign in with your Apple ID - Turn on Find My iPhone.

Eventually, old models will not receive updates.

The oldest handset supported by iOS 13 is the iPhone 6s, which also got iOS 14 and now, the latest iOS 15. It's good to know that Apple supports the last three versions of iOS for bug and security updates. So, you're covered if your iPhone runs iOS 13 or later.

iPhone 6 was released on September 19, 2014.

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My phone is fine-checked out the latest model and it isn’t anything more than I have now IMHO.

I won’t be upgrading…,

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