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Ishihara wants BOJ to continue working to meet price target


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Inflation??? while single parents need food banks just to barely get by on their 8.00 Yen an hour salaries.... Try getting paid less Minister and paying the working poor more. Advise to increase the minimum wage to 15.00 Yen an hour and maybe inflation would not be a bad idea.

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The man has no education or experience at all in economics, business or finance. Zero, nothing, nada, zip.

The perfect choice for Economy Minister.

It's both a comedy and a tragedy with Ishihara, the literature major.

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Wow. He said, "I want you to keep working." What a genius, and obviously great choice. Clearly he's the man for the job, as no one could possibly do what he just did there.

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All these Ministers Grew up in a Bubble of money with hereditary Positions even though Ishihara made it by promoting himself he still grew up in privilege... He has no idea what it is like to be the common man in Japan..

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From omnipotent to impotent, the negative interest rate policy back fired as the Nikkei 225 dropped off the cliff yesterday. It's the pinacle of Keynesian debauchery to think you'll be a wealthier nation by printing more money. All you do is rob your citizens of purchasing power, but enrich the 1% who get their hands on the money first.

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Thumbs up for the second and third sentences Mike, but I don't think the negative interest rate policy backfired, so much as it just didn't have the punch that the buying up all the JGBs available did.

The annoying thing is that there is more going on in the world (and even just Japan) than what the BOJ can control.

Fortunately there is no raging inflation as a result of all this yet, but it might all come to look very foolish one day, no doubt. But then it might not too. Hoping for, but not betting on, the latter.

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