Itochu to check for flaws in baby strollers


Itochu Corp said Tuesday that it will check and repair for free any defects in Chinese-made baby strollers that it imports and sells in Japan. The company has sold about 2,000 of the three-wheeled strollers since June last year through its subsidiary VCJ Corp.

Itochu said there is a danger that the front wheels of the strollers could come off because of improperly installed fixing brackets.

There have been three cases since January in which front wheels became disengaged. There have been no cases of injuries, the company said.

The 42,800-yen stroller, known as Verve, is produced by major German child safety seat maker Britax Romer at a factory in Guangdong Province, China.


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German branded made in china junk...

Not that Chinese product are all junk... when they directly brand them they are quite good. But when they are subcontracted by euro/us firms who want the lowest price possible it turn to a nightmare. I now prefere buying directly from Hongkong.

List a company that abuse this system: Fleischmann (luxury model train, now made on your average sweatshop, still sold at the 'luxury' price) CMC (luxury minicars, from 200 to 2000 euros each... german brand... made in china...) Norev/minichamps/kyosho (fr/de/jp minicar, their 1/18 lineup is from the same factory in china, exactly the same packaging and fabrication default -chrome for the logo on the trunk door don't stick for all their Audi reproductions)

Meanwhile Chinese brand -Esky, Yeah Racing (...) retail for dirt cheap, HongKong shops are more than fast and efficient for delivery and support/spare parts and most of the time they offer more than they promise (ex: their 4 channel RC Choppers are in fact provided with 6 channels receivers, free training cables and so on...)

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I think that this problem is involved with bothe sides. The Japanese company needs to check all of them which they are going to sell for cusotmers. Producing the baby cars in China is much more resonable than that of Japan, regarding the wage of workers and cost of anything. Some special staff of the company need to go to the factory and check the system of prducing in China. We shouldn't blame for the flaws of the baby cars from China but customers also need to check the products by themselves. I am a mother for a son and maybe I will have a baby in the future, so I have to train the eye of choosing a better baby stroller by myself.

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