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JAL, ANA profits hit as weak yen hikes fuel costs


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Both of them must make sure to thank Abe for this current situation. I love how the article only focuses on two large companies, and not the millions of people also affected by higher fuel costs, either for driving or heating homes, but then again we don't really matter, only big corporations do!

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Oh, please! The fuel surcharge is more than the ticket cost these days, and it is not worth the cost to fly anywhere. It's not the fuel that is costing these airlines, it's bad choices like the rush to own the most Dreamliners in the world before they have been tested.

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Doesn't matter as long as the other corporates, the wealthy, Shinzo Abe and his gang of robbers make money.

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Abenomics at work...I have to agree with SmithinJapan though...

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They're really just making excuses as to why they're going to have to 'hike up the prices' at Spring Break.

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What fuel costs are these airlines paying? The fuel surcharges are paid by the passengers, around 50,000 yen for a flight to the USA. So JAL and ANA are lying through their teeth concerning their fuels costs leading to diminishing profits.

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Go flyers.Screw bruins

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Good grief, how did Japanese airlines ever buy jet fuel as recently as 1988 when the yen rate was 240 to the dollar?

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Serrano, It's not just the value of the yen, but the cost of what you're buying. Compared with 1988, I'd hazard a guess that oil prices are much higher these days, e.g. way much more than two times. (I could be wrong having not checked).

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