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JAL Express and ANA aircraft are seen at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Image: AP file

JAL, ANA to resume some China flights as virus rules eased


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Airlines are economic players. they follow trends and industries's needs. talking of nonsense only entertain the fools themselves.

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Wow, talk about having mixed feelings on something. Which is exactly what I have, as well as I’m sure some of you have as well.

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Meanwhile others can't even go to visit family. It's all about money. Well their worship of money is going to teach them humility.

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Very bad move, that will insure the Olympics will never happen in Tokyo.

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All Nippon Airways Co and Japan Airlines Co said Thursday they will soon resume some of the flights to China that they suspended after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic

So they had to wait this long for the government to tell them what to do.

Korean Airlines and Asiana were the only Airlines to make a profit during the pandemic, they moved fast and converted some of their planes to carrying cargo. Korean airlines made profit of 125N USD. Considering the ernomous amount of cargo between china and japan. Both airlines could have made record profits. Thinking out of the box is what separates winners from losers. Countries are relaxing intl travel while japanpost is only is only adding to its list of countries that post is not accepted.

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Yeah! Go to China, get arrested.

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Oh no, the biggest mistake they could have made, welcome to armaggedon Japan.

Time to leave while you have the chance, you're doomed here

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Chinese money talks

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