JAL to let flight attendants choose fewer work hours with salary cuts


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"JAL to let flight attendants choose fewer work hours with salary cuts"

This means: JAL cuts the income of the staff who will work less hours and make less money.

The first one makes it look like JAL is doing a favor for the staff.

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Highly reasonable to make changes due to changes in demand. Both Jal / Ana likely fall under too big to fall so, the alternative is to tax you to keep paying their staff.

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JAL's largest labor union demanded an annual bonus equivalent to two months of salary and will seek to keep negotiating the issue with the management later in the year."

I,m normally pro-union but sorry in the pandemic year asking for bonuses in an airline that has been 90% grounded and bleeding cash is idiotic. If they can keep members in their obs than they have done well.

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This should be the future where people choose quality of time (more free time) over pointless consumerism (constantly working to spend). It's already an increasing trend in Europe.

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40% pay decrease. Food and rent prices are up this year.

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Wow, how nice of JAL.

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At least they are still on the payroll.

My boss cut my hours in a flash and I got zilch...!

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Won't over 50s flight attendants at JAL be on 9-10 million yen? Their pay scale will be Bubble level and much higher than anyone taken on more recently.

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