JAL to offer free domestic flights to foreigners via mileage program


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Good for them!

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Good for them!

The foreigners? JAL? Please write more clearly.

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The airline will offer 50,000 free return tickets for flights to select destinations between July 1 and Sept 30, with overseas members of JAL Mileage Bank eligible to apply from the end of February.

So, if you use your miles for purchasing a one way domestic ticket, JAL will give you the return ticket free.

Nice idea! I wonder which cities qualify?

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No thanks. Awful airline.

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Taxpayers' money will be used to pay for this.

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No thanks. Awful airline.

Compared to what?

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Chip Star

"Good for them!"

The foreigners? JAL? Please write more clearly.

Both? Either? It's a good thing for everyone concerned.

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Except for low cost carriers, all standard airlines sell return tickets.

You can buy as well one-way ticket but it will be more expensive than the return one.

Thus I do not see any gift here.

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The airline is collaborating on the campaign with the Japan Tourism Agency...

Uh-oh. JAL's deep ties and obligations to the government and the public agencies in the past are largely responsible for its numerous taxpayer-funded bailouts. I was under the impression after the last rescue that the airline pledged to become more "normal," ie, competitive and cost-conscious, as opposed to doing what the govt wants it do out of national interest, like promoting the Olympics.

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the money is from your tax, unacceptable!!

why for foreigners only???? illegal service.

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If JAL has extra money sloshing about maybe they could put some of it in a fund to recompense the loyal shareholders whose investment turned into confetti when the company went under and was bailed out by the taxpayer.

Invalid CSRF

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One way tickets are expensive and sometimes more than a round trip.

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It seems people here don't understand that a return ticket is out and back.


one way = Haneda to Sapporo.

return = Haneda to Sapporo, and then Sapporo to Haneda.

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That's great, considering how expensive Japanese domestic routes are.

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