Japan Airlines' staff members clean the cabin of a plane after a domestic flight at Haneda airport in Tokyo. Photo: REUTERS file

JAL to ramp up services for domestic flights at Haneda airport


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Maybe not a good idea in light of the surge in cases in the last couple of days.

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Look at Europe.

Borders are open from today and flights from Germany to Spain (Mallorca) are fully booked.

And Germany still have everyday around 300 cases.

Spain, Italy...very famous countries for vacation and travel resumes.

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Fortunately domestic flights are short, making mandatory masks more bearable.

Still have to take them off to drink though

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Bite the bullet and take a bullet train. We have already destroyed the world enough.

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Booked my first domestic flight post SOE yesterday. Got to get back up in the air at some point.

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And Germany still have everyday around 300 cases.

You forgot to mention that they are testing massively thus are able to isolate. Not testing and giving the impression infection is low with low numbers is dangerous.

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Don’t wear masks unless I go to Fukushima.

I think domestic flights are OK, but we should all wait for international flights.

new virus needs time spread analysis.

as I tell my grandmother, if you rush to the bathroom you will have an accident. If you plan your visit, walk slowly, I don’t have to clean up the mess...

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Nothing like empty planes, so everyone will have work!

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