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JAL top in passenger survey for flights from North America: U.S. study


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ANA were fourth!I can't believe a US carrier beat them.

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I'm flying JAL this holiday. I'll keep this in mind. Delta has been pretty excellent over the last couple of years for me.

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So much nicer being in Airports in Japan than the rude uninterested staff you usually encounter.

It’s mind boggling how u helpful airport staff can be at times. My job is not to accommodate them cause they are tired, but you’d think that was the case sometimes.

Robots please!

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That really surprises me that Delta came in second above Korean and ANA. I have flown both ANA and several other airlines to Japan and ANA is definitely the best I have flown to Japan.

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Delta is great!

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I'm not surprised at all with Delta being there. I never had any troubles and the staff has always been helpful. However, direct flights was important to me when my children were younger. I flew nonstop to Portland once or twice a year for 13 years to visit grandma and grandpa. Comfort Plus is a godsend! I actually slept 6 hours on a flight to LA. A first for me. Ha.

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Leg room is important to me. That and why are we still stuck in the 1960s with passenger aircraft? How about family rooms, bar that passengers go to instead of being fed like cattle (well many dont offer food anymore just drinks and nuts), sky window or floor window that people can relax by, leisure activities, no set seats other than family rooms (they just have max occupancy and asked to sit during certain times)?

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which polled 6,287 passengers between September and October.

Well this is not a very big survey to get this kind of headlines. I'd like to know more who the 6, 287 who were polled and questions they asked. From the website J.D. Powers is focused more on the automobile industry. I feel Skytrax which polls over different seasons is more reliable.

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Jal has the least leg room out of all airlines

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I know US airlines get a bad rap, but I have had some very friendly service start to finish on US-Japan flights on American, United, Delta, etc.

That being said, this survey is consistent with the best experience I've had flying US-Japan, which was on Japan Airlines. The first flight we took our then 9-month old son on to visit his grandparents in Japan (JAL's daily Boston-Narita service) stands out in how the crew bent over backwards to help us. From the moment we got on board. The highlight was when they invited us into the aft galley when it was closed off during their break so that my son could stretch his legs and crawl around on the floor, and get passed around to be held by the stewardesses. They didn't have to do that, it was their well-deserved break.

Side note* Domestically in the US, Jetblue takes the cake. I have NEVER had an interaction with any employee of that airline that wasn't an absolute pleasure. They are my favorite airline for the human factor, but they don't have international service (save for a few routes to resort destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico). I'm curious what their hiring process is that they only seem to end up with lovely employees.

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Jal has the least leg room out of all airlines

Gotta disagree with you there. I once flew a budget airline from Mexico to the USA, Volaris. The seats were packed so tightly together that I literally was wedged into mine, tailbone pressed hard against the back cushion with my knees hitting the seat in front of me, even when I tried to 'manspread' as much as I could before the armrests cut into my outer thighs.

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At least 2 people like to be crammed into seats like cattle. No worries, to each their own.

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Delta has been good for me the last few years. United has such bad in flight food that it shocks the conscience.

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Reckless, don't complain if you are on an economy flight. Hahaha.

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Of course these surveys see that price isn't important. They bill was paid 2 months before the flight OR by the business. People commenting after a flight have replaced the money considerations with the experiences of the trip.

The last year or so, getting between the USA and Asia has by really, really, cheap. I routinely see sub-$400 RT prices.

I used to fly Delta every 2 weeks over and back for about a year via Portland. After two weeks of mainly Japanese inside-corp-canteen food, I was very happy to have anything else. Lost weight every trip.

Flew United and Korean Air once each.

Did a KLM flight were the entertainment system was broke. Got 15K FFM extra for the inconvenience and read a book.

International aircraft are configured differently than domestic aircraft. Did a domestic, cross-country 737-900 flight, then to Alaska on another b739, both didn't have enough knee room. I'm just under 1.83m tall. The regional flights are worse. Obviously, getting a "comfort" seat is a priority for me, but not always possible.

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a recent study by J.D. Power showed...

I quit reading any further after that corporate PR notification.

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I flew economy on JAL, ANA, Air Canada, Cathay, and Delta to Japan and the best is indeed JAL. The seat is comfortable and the food is great. Delta's food is good with me but they have some serious delays. Air Canada is always late and the food is full of carb. Cathay's food isn't great neither and they don't even service drinks during the flight after meals. ANA's food also isn't good but the seat is comfortable.

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I really like Japan Airlines for my travel to Japan,! I been traveling to Japan for almost 9 yrs now and I have flew with Delta before one time and ANA once also within the 9 yrs. The remaining yrs I have used Japan Airlines. I did not care for Delta even though the Airfare was cheaper I did not care for the service at all. As far as ANA they were pretty good and the price for the Airfare was not that bad but still a little expensive for me. I then went to Japan Airlines for the remaining years this far and I really really liked everything about the airlines. Everything from customer service and the food not to mention how they handle your baggage is very good! Every time I landed in Narita I was always almost the last person to retrieve my baggage. The agents there always made sure my baggage was safe! They would hold it for me and made sure that nobody would touch the baggage except the owner. The agents there always looked so concerned when I was running to retrieve my baggage too. They had a sign of relief when I came to pick it up after then smiled at me. I know the Airfare will be way more expensive to purchase but I told myself that is ok because I love this airline anyways. I even noticed they never had any major problems thus far over the years I have traveled and always arrived on time too. Everyone overall for this airline is so pleasant and always smiled. They seem to always seemed to think the safety of our customers are our first priority too. My sister used to work for JAL many hrs ago too and told me once yes it is a good airline! I just wanted to share this with everyone out there and hope they consider traveling with Japan Airlines as I will be too. Thank you again for the great service JAL provides and keep up the good work all of you do too!

Aloha, Janet K. From Hawaii

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Aloha Janet! Nice comment. On the JET Progrsm in 1993 I flew biz class from NYC to Tokyo. It was amazing. If I was single I would buy JAL but I have to buy 4-5 tickets so bite the bullet. International flight planes allow you to easily walk around so no complaints but I recently felt claustrophobia on US domestic flights jammed in the window seat with only one narrow aisle and plenty of turbulence.

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JAL is awful when it comes to online operations. Today, their website won't let me check-in due to an unspecified "passenger error." It also refuses to let me manage my flight, giving the message, "Length of Booking Reference must be 6 alpha numeric" WTF?!? All my entries are 6 characters, btw,

Instead of just giving a reservation no., JAL requires a list of details, and if one character is out of place, it demands you fill everything in again, while not telling you what the problem is. Argghh!

Come to think of it, I always have big online problems when I fly with them.

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I agree. JAL is the best airline. Amazing Japanese food on board, outstanding service, and great drinks served, which suits me!! No wonder JAL is Number 1!

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