Japan's big mobile carriers say roaming needed during network outages


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As long as the company that needs to use the network from the other company is paying a fair price, what's the issue?

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This month received my ¥200 compensation from KDDI.

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This month received my ¥200 compensation from KDDI.

awsome wasnt it, I got a Mcdonalds Cafe late from that generous payout

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We still keep a landline for when the mobile service isn’t working. Last summer a main electric cable shorted and took out power in my neighbourhood, it was out for 10 hours while they fixed it. When you’ve no wifi and you go over your package limits on your mobile the landline phone was very handy and would have been essential in an emergency.

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We have an IP and used that during the down period. We don't have an actual landline which we never use anyway.

Data plans are very cheap these days. I pay ¥1,700/20GB a month.

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Works fine in the US. As long as the phones are capable of working on the other networks. Just charge a higher per minute fee as “Roaming Charges.” We were cycling near the border of Gunma and Nagano last weekend. We had no service. But, I heard that Docomo had service. I really wanted that roaming service to make hotel reservations.

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No @Wobot. Your phone is broken. Nothing to with the network.

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try restarting your phone or reinstalling the os. Restarting solves many problems.

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I know exactly how they will scam this one, they will sell it as an option and make you pay for it weather you use it or not, DoCoMo scam will squeeze every yen out of it's customers any way they can and this a new chance for them to do so.

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In the case of a failure of one operators network - can you imagine what would happen, if all the NTT Docomo subscribers were switched over to AU - the whole system would probably hit capacity, and undoubtedly crash, then both NTT and AU would switch over to Softbank, and again overload ... crash... thus bringing down the whole mobile phone infrastructure Nationwide.

If we're talking Roaming between Network carriers, then that would probably be abused - when one carriers signal weakens during the day your phone would Automatically switch over to another's, and you'd incur heavy charges as such without you even being made aware of what was happening.

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