Japan's biggest labor body calls for 4% pay hike


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Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe used to set numerical targets ahead of annual wage negotiations and Keidanren took heed of such calls. His successor Yoshihide Suga called for pay hikes without a specific target.

One "good" thing about two years of a global pandemic is that is has shown with glaring clarity that the so-called free labor market is a rigged shambles. Wages kept artificially low through gains in productivity and boom and bust.

A time when wages rose robustly? When corporate and wealth taxes were very high, 80 to 90 percent at the top, in the "good ole days" of the 50s and 60s.

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the labor union does nothing for the thousand illegal dismissals, the money of labor unions is financed by companies. do not expect help from those parasites.

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Partly agree, they do almost nothing and cost more than they bring, but on the other side, if they weren’t existing we would all wake up in brutal slavery already tomorrow morning.

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Many of the labour unions work very closely with management, almost too closely, with the company often appointing representatives. They tend to focus on keeping the company conditions secure, not securing good conditions for their members.

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Let's go!

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Dispatch workers need help out here too Kishida san..

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Agreed...part timers and contractors are the ones who need their conditions improved in particular , much more so than the full-time employees at the big firms that comprise Keidanren membership.

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the so-called free labor market is a rigged shambles.

Sorry what free market? It is a shambles though, but not for an abundance of freedom.

Wages kept artificially low through gains in productivity and boom and bust.

Wages are set by supply and demand in a free market, like another other price.

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when I first came to Japan I asked a guy about unions, was surprised that many of the union bosses actually work for the company that they negotiate wage for the union members, sort of pointless when management has employment power over you while your trying to get them to pay more in wages. A union should be an independent entity funded by its members, I paid about 1% of my net pay each month when I was in my last union and they worked hard to get members the best conditions, if they didnt we just voted them out for somebody who would.

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Only 4% ? Japan’s blue-collar and service industry workers work under draconian conditions and compensation. The unions are not doing their job and they’ve not taken care of their members for decades. The unions should fight for the following:

A 10% wage increase.

For women, equal pay for equal work.

Part time workers shall be classified as full-time if they work more than 20 hours per week

4 Foreign workers in Japan shall be allowed to form their own union

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Wages are set by supply and demand in a free market, like another other price.

In an economics textbook.

In the real world they have not risen for 40 years, and now post-pandemic stimulus companies are crying to their paid off legislators that there is a labor shortage. So there is a grudging creep upward in wages some places, but not enough for a livable wage so the so called "shortage" continues.

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In an economics textbook.

And for free markets. Japan’s labour market is not free in various ways.

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They should have asked for such raises before the pandemic, when Japanese corporations were raking in the highest profits in history. They actually took the meek approach, making a point of not basing their demands on employers' profitability. I guess they're regretting that stance now. LOL.

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The Unions and Syndicates in Japan not only are NOT independent, are also a complete joke.

They NEVER negociate for the employees only for their own interest and company's.

Also if you are a part-timer or worst, a contractor, you are basically a payed slave and treated as such, with ZERO benefits, rights and disposable like garbage whenever the owner feels like.

And only 4% increase? Haha, what a complete joke.

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