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Japan's job availability in 2022 improves for 1st time in 4 years


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Jobs is not what Japan needs. For too long the govt and business has been committed to hiring at any cost.

The trend is holding back productivity gains and wages, and thus economic growth.

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Jobs availability improved, however, those are still low-paying jobs that no-one wants to do besides foreigners and desperate people who cant find another way to make money.

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What Japan needs is jobs that pay a living wage!

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Oh, goody, more 1000yen per hour 6-month contracts requiring a university degree.

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Yes, there maybe jobs but is the job worth taking? Its easy for company to say they are hiring but they only want to pay pennies and then complain no one wants to work. Who wants to work and not enjoy life. There's more to working you want to earn wages and be able to enjoy life, and not seeing your entire salary going to bills!!! People want to enjoy life after work not just go home lay down and get up just to work again!!

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Permanent Positions ? Or.... Temporary Positions ?

Sadly, Kyodo News didn't provide that information.

I would lay a bet on the fact that it's temporary positions, particularly since we are coming up to the end of he Japanese Financial Year (March 31st). Headcount allocations need to be used up, or lost for the next year, which, given the current Global situation seems a likelihood - so better to loose a few recently hired temps, than some permanent staff in your headcount allocation.

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Excellent, Japan's recovery moving forward..


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Is the article attempting to say how the covid restrictions were sooo eased in 2022 ?

Putting covid restrictions in place or removing them has been, and still is a facepalm circus !

There wasn't a pandemic 4 years ago.

Seems like the whole article is over-exaggerating a bit

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If Japan had handled its Covid problem more efficiently it would not have been in this position in the first place.

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