Dentsu to resume bidding for trade ministry projects


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The ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) trade ministry outsourced the $718 million project to a non-profit group co-founded by Dentsu, which in turn used various subcontractors, including Dentsu

But look how selfless we are, using a non-profit middleman to identify ways to provide (ahem) high value-added services for the taxpayer.

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Dentsu Inc said on Tuesday it will resume bidding for projects under Japan's trade ministry months after the advertising giant come under public scrutiny over its involvement in running the ministry's coronavirus aid program.

The resumption comes as it revised its internal business guidelines to adhere to new standards set forward in the ministry's review, the company said.

That didn't take long. Guess the LDP and Dentsu execs couldn't wait to to get back to the free, all-you-can-eat buffet of the public treasury.

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State sponsored corruption. It's not cake the rest of us have to eat.

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Of course. When there's no punishment for crime, why would you change anything really?

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Shameless, and above the law clearly

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And lining up for a big chunk of the money from the inoculation campaign

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Right now, I have a lot of contempt for companies like Dentsu and Nissan.

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Back from the restroom, back to the buffet

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...said it would...what?

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I mean, majority of taxes will eventually find a way to Dentsu regardless. The Japanese government is just another business division of Dentsu, with its primary objective being to maximize profits for Dentsu.

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