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Japan's exports drop for 7th straight month as China-U.S. trade war takes toll


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Yep, exporter economy that closes it's market to others. It's going to get worse, a lot worse. Japanese investment capital can not even invest in Japan because it's system is so protective and out dated. I'm hopeful the people realize this and demand change but I'm skeptical.

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It seems that the 'third largest economy' moniker is preventing change that needs to occur. The USA economy is reported as $19.39, China is reported at $12.01 trillion and Japan comes in at $4.87 trillion. Sort of a big drop... My home State of California is the 5th largest economy in the world at $3.00 trillion. Sorry for geeking out here but I spent years around venture capitalist and no one has Japan on thier radar. I sure hope Japan is ready to open it's markets...

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The easiest way out for Japan would be to stop teaching their customers the Japanese way and start addressing the market needs. I have done business with Koreans and Chinese and even though they are more difficult to deal with in terms of contract negotiations but they are flexible and are willing to change according to market situation.

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For the first six months of this year, Japanese exports slipped 4.7% while imports edged down 1.1%, with the nation logging a trade deficit of 888.8 billion yen ($8.2 billion).

The Japanese economy, the world's third largest, is dependent on exports and the conflict between the U.S. and China has taken a sharp toll.

Wow! What a convenient way to avoid the truth. The US-China trade war has only been going for two or three months, which does not account for the first half of this year. The truth is, due to the multitude of scandals involving fraud and lies coming from Japanese corporations international consumers are not buying Japanese goods. All the car manufacturers and spare parts have shot themselves in the foot. The electronics industry has priced itself out of business and food mislabeling scandals have virtually shut down primary industry exports.

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The Japanese economy, the world's third largest, is dependent on exports and the conflict between the U.S. and China has taken a sharp toll.

I bet the standard of living is not even amongst the first twenty.

The quality of life is what matters and not companies posting records and not passing some to workers to improve their standard of living.

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@Lucifer, spot on, the Japanese govt does not care for its population, its people, the govt delivers a poor standard of living and housing standards that are also on the whole, dire. The job market and its conditions, brutal. The education system is money based and the political class system imbedded. It’s like a hi-tech slum over vast swathes of urban hinterland and in the sticks, just drop the hi-tech prefix.

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With results like this, you HAVE to ask, how does the LDP keep getting voted in? The answer, no one but those who win vote. The rest of those with the right simply disenfranchise themselves.


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Lol misinformation runs high among here.

Japan is in the top 20 you don't have to bet or take a guess.


Simple answer, Majority of Japanese like him, support Abe and his party. He will win again.

From my experience foreigners always have a problem with him. Always think they know better what Japan should be like or do.

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@Becu: A majority of Japanese do not like or support either Abe or the LDP, a majority of those who vote do, a very different and important distinction. Yet, with these kind of deliveries by the ruling class, even the old faithful will begin to twitch. Foreign influence, policy and money has shaped Japan since GHQ took over, from the constitution, to the politics. The LDP was heavily financed and supported by the CIA, so “foreigners” have not just “known better” but actually “acted”.

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To paraphrase AlexBecu, "Lol misinformed runs high among here”, these stats are demonstrative of a govt whose policies are failing, badly. Three arrows missed, pension fund lost, finances generated by selling bonds to the BOJ merry-go-round... the economy, "it’s a mess stupid!". Interesting to learn about the CIA and the LDP, did not know that!

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SK making the case to ban all Japanese goods

The Korean government doesn't have to do anything as citizens activism is strong in Korea and there is already a full-blown civilian led Japan boycott campaign in Korea.

Lexus Korea is reporting that its sales dropped by 47% in three weeks.

Asahi beer is reporting a 35% sales drop.

Travel package to Japan dropped by 50% and airlines are dropping routes to Japan's second tier cities due to demand drop. Since Koreans made up 25% of visitors to Japan, Japan will now see a 12.5% drop in incoming foreign tourists thanks to Korean boycott.

The impact of Korean boycott is felt stronger in rural areas of Japan that vote for Abe san and LDP, because rural areas saw disproportionately larger share of Korean visitors than big cities since Western tourists shunned Japan's rural areas.

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Hate to break it to you all, but Japan will be just fine. For quality of life, they typically rank higher than their neighbors, although most sites use GDP to measure this, which is understandable since other factors are rather subjective. As for economy, I China is taking the hardest hit and SK isn't doing that well. Didn't their central bank just announce a rate cut? Plus neither China or SK had an entire coastline get wiped out either, so this little boycott probably wont have much impact.

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The US-China trade war has only been going for two or three months,


The Trump's trade war has been going on for over a year, NOT 2-3 months

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