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Monex to buy hacked crypto exchange Coincheck for Y3.6 billion

By Thomas Wilson and Taiga Uranaka

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A fire sale bargain for Monex.

If Wada had tried to sell before the security hacks imagine how much more he’d have scored!

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Get the feeling they will regret that purchase in the months to come.

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Wow, that picture speaks 1000 words. This so often happens in new industries. The young, idealistic and naive first movers get cut out when they hit their first speed bump. Now the establishment money is moving in.

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Some of the CEOs of these start-ups look like they are barely out of their teens. They may know all about the digital world but there is no substitute for old-fashioned business experience.

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Err that first speed bump you talk about is a hell of a speed bump. Don’t think these guys deserve a second chance, like ever.

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I’d take a speed bump for a 1.6 billion yen pay out.

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Japanese Business ... there's more to this than meets the eye.

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