Japan's jobless rate falls in November to 2.2%


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This population is continuing to decline since 1993. As a result, the ratio of the dependent population (the sum of aged and child population divided by the productive-age population) was 67.6 percent.


> Meaningful when you do a journalist's job.

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Folks should NOT put much faith in these statistics about unemployment, and do read too much into it as a sign of a healthy economy.

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and do NOT read too much into it as a sign of a healthy economy.

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Government statistics are hardly a real world base level. Well they are base but screwed towards the positive using parameters that ensure a positive result towards the regime. Yes that man who worked 10 hours last month is "employed" but is unable to pay rent, buy anything but cup noodles everyday and sleeps in an Internet cafe. But he does pay 10% tax on those cup noodles so there is an upside.

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Are there any other developed nations with an unemployment rate of less than 2.2%


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Most of japan doesnt or isnt working , its broken just look at the post office, or nhk, or the govt sector or just about any place none of it works........

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Not really fair to compare Japan with developed nations....

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Not really fair to compare Japan with developed nations..

Your right. Japan is in a class by itself.

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Folks should NOT put much faith in these statistics about unemployment,

until the stat turns bad right?

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And which is "a developed Country"? Today only Finland, Sweden and Norway could be called like that. Maybe also Canada. The rest of the Europe and the US are broken under any aspect (disastrous and old infrastructure, decline in social welfare, dirty everywhere, collapsing democratic system and identity). It's not like they are so wealthier than Japan.

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And I forgot, people in denial. In denial of the blatant Western decline, for this reason we are condemned.

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Government statistics are hardly a real world base level...

Especially if they consistently undermine your personal worldview. We live in an age when people believe their warm and fuzzy narratives are more important/relevant than facts.

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This is laughable. Old guys with glo-wands earning 100,000yen per month are included in this!

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until the stat turns bad right?

Wrong! Right about the time the bubble burst and there were many being fired from their jobs and further more being forced into early retirement, the government changed the manner of reporting unemployment statistics to include those who are PT or even working 1 hour a week.

They also removed from the statistics the people who are not looking for work as well.

This manner of reporting skews the overall facts and sugar coats things to keep the image that the country is prospering.

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It's funny.

Had this been an article about Japan's unemployment rate increasing, JTers would go wild, blaming Abe, his -nomics, the declining birth rate, the work culture, etc.

This is, however, an article that states the opposite.

You know. Japan having one of the lowest, if not the lowest, unemployment rates in the world.

This, being a highly developed country.

And people still complain, and still blame the same things.

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Japanese working population is diminishing, now dropping, since 1993. Facts.

Because of demography, it simply means it gets easier to find a job because less people.

We all know the amazing ratio of number of jobs offered for each applicant.

Nonetheless, I have never said the jobs were real jobs for real wages...

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