Japan's largest labor union to call for 5% pay hike; highest in 28 years


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"It is Rengo's duty to revive the economy by raising wages, which would boost consumption," said Tomoko Yoshino, head of the union, stumping in front of JR Shimbashi Station in Tokyo to promote the union's call to passersby that day.

When unions and politicians are the puppets of oligarchs who accrue ever advantage to themselves by the influence of their vast wealth, you get this which was well said:

“Basically, that the system produced an ever-expanding flow of goods and services, which an impoverished proletarianised population could not afford to buy."

This is the late stage of Kishida's "New Capitalism".

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Good news! Might I add that it is also a good idea to address the 固定残業代 or みなし残業代 (fixed overtime) which takes up a good portion of a lot of people's monthly salary, allowing some people to finally have a decent living wage. 33 hours (in some cases 40 hours) of overtime a month and you still only earn 250,000 a month as a fresh college grad. Either change this scheme or increase the base pay ratio.

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It's not going to make any differnce. Don't forget 60% of the workforce are on low paying short term contracts or part time workers. It would only result in less hours for part time workers and more unpaid overtime for full time workers. Japan needs to increase the minimum wage to around ¥1800 per hour to give all the part time workers a chance at making a living. Nobody can survive on ¥1100 an hour.

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Japan's largest labor union to call for 5% pay hike; highest in 28 years

then get turned down.

then say "shoganai"

then life back to normal in Japan

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The Japanese Trade Union Confederation agreed to ask for the 5 percent pay rise, including a base-pay increase of around 3 percent, and call for a minimum hourly wage of at least 1,150 yen ($8), the same level as 2022 annual negotiations.

Wont matter for the majority of workers, and the 2% portion of the "ask" here would be in the semi-annual bonuses workers get. However folks should keep in mind is that companies can get around this by claiming they didnt make enough money to pay full bonuses and not pay it.

So in effect this very well may be only a 3% raise, IF that.!

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Good news! Might I add that it is also a good idea to address the 固定残業代 or みなし残業代 (fixed overtime) which takes up a good portion of a lot of people's monthly salary,

Rengo and the LDP have stood by for 30 years while Japanese labor conditions have gone from bad to worse and return less and less of workers labor value to workers.

Thank you Koizumi, Abénomics, New Capitalism!

If you think Remgo 'asking' for fair wages or reforms will produce results you have ànother thing coming.

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Good News for all, it's a win win situation anyway you look at it.

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I'm surprised it's allowed to be reported in such a positive tone given Japan media is controlled by conservative corporations whose mission is to subdue the populace. BTW, the whole country should ask for a pay rise not just unionized labor.

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If the employers turn it down or offer only measly raises, then the unions should strike, like the rail workers in the US are threatening to do.

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Strikes are NOT ALLOWED in Japan, you strike you are out.

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The Japanese oligarchy system won't allow this. Not that much different from Russia or Ukraine in the level of corruption and contempt for the people, TBH.

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then the unions should strike

What unions? There are no powerful unions in Japan like there in Western countries.

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one day news,tomorrow to be forgotten,there will ne strikes,no salary increases at all,just forget that.

business as usual.

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That’s bare of any logic. How can a demand of 5% , of which at best probably only 1,5 to 3.5% remain as wage raise, lead to more consumption or economy boosting when the inflation rate is already at least three or four times higher, if not even more. Yes, admitted it’s better than nothing or decreasing wages, but sorry, none of the goals can ever be reached right from the beginning and by logic when in the current phase of hyperinflation demanding only those lousy little 5%.

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call for 5% pay hike

ahh okay so they will be answered with 1.3% hike in reality.

Easy for corporations to give excuses "ohh our costs are increasing as well, we cant hike 5%"

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The industry I was in failed to meet my expectations, I quit.

I now have a much more lucrative lifestyle and enjoy life 100%.

The only way out is to get out!

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Japanese unions are weak as p….. in the pockets of big business just pay lip service every now and then!

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The biggest problem with Japanese salaries is the huge gap between management and short term contract workers. Most management staff earn ¥6-¥10 million a year (or more) but everybody else earns under ¥2.5 million a year. There is no middle class in Japan anymore. It’s gone back to a have and have nots society like it was 150 years ago. An across the board 5% salary increase is not going to make any difference to the ever increasing poverty in Japan. At present, 23% of Japanese kids live in poverty. Shame on the rich country!

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