New car sales in Japan fall 1.5% in 2019


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Interesting that Toyota increased it's sales, esp considering it doesn't produce "Kei cars" which account for over 50% of all vehicle sales.

I wonder what models are selling well - hybrids?

Nissan's fall is to be expected, but Honda @ 5.4%? It produces the N-Box the # 1 seller in Japan for the past couple of years or so. Other models must be really down.

I guess the small car specialists, Suzuki & Daihatsu are holding their own????

And the niche(-ish) market makers, Mazda & Subaru - how are they doing?

I'm a bit lazy today to check. Anyone got some instant info.

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I wonder if people have woken up and realised that these K cars are a death trap, and have moved away from them to something with a bit, or a lot more protection. as for Nissan, well they deserve every thing they get, I would not buy one the way they have treated Mr G.

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Just had my Subaru given the once over and will keep it another two years when it will be retired at the age of 18!

No need to pay millions of yen for a new car...

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