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Nikkei closes at highest level since 1992


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The Nikkei share average opened lower but later gained as much as 1.0 percent to 22,775.68, the highest level since January 1992.

"Spring time for Abe and Donald Trump..."

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Trump bump.

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Otemachi is crazy now. 25 years high. It's raining money. Take out the champagne!

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Otemachi is crazy now. 25 years high.

Don't forget that the high 25 years ago was while it was on it's downslide from the bubble.

The numbers are being pulled along by the Dow and while businesses may report record profits it does not mean that the economy is really getting any better yet.

Trickle-down economics doesn't work.

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Nick Leeson should have waited a couple of decades, huh?

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Thanks Trump... or if you are a delusional Liberal, this is still Obama's economy, haha

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So if you invested 100,000 Yen in the stock market 25 years ago, you have finally broken even! A banner day in Japanese economic history.

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Yes it does, that is why the jobs, economy, consumer confidence and stock are all at historical highs now

Sarcasm runs deep in this one me thinks! Historical highs? For Japan? Not even close!

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So much for the buy and hold theory eh?

If you had bought 25 years ago you would have been even by now (less inflation and currency exchange issues)

Better to have dumped stock on the way down and bough on low tide.

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Otemachi is crazy now

The district could see an especially frenzied bonen-kai season next month.

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Everyone is benefiting (at least in the temporary short-term) because the GPIF is invested in stocks now.

I am not counting on Japanese stocks gaining over the long term though.

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yay ..n congrats nikkei225

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Possibly, though there are now a lot of Market Manipulators in play.. Murata is one. She should be alongside the "Black Widow" on Judgement day.

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Not sure what "historically high" means, but Japanese stocks are not at "historic highs", just "highest in a good while".

Still some 16,000 odd points below the all-time highs, whereas US stock indices like the DOW and NASDAQ have hit literal historic highs, and same in other places. I was surprised recently to look at the stock market in the place of my citizenship and found it was 4 times what it was what I remember it being prior to coming to Japan many years ago.

On Tokyo TV's WBS last night the commentator was pushing back on claims by Kuroda that the BOJ holds about "only 3%" of the market cap of the Nikkei. The guy pointed out if some player turned around and said they would sell 3% of the market you can bet it will go down. I tend to agree with him.

Also I gather that a lot of the buying is by foreigners via futures markets. Futures positions will be closed, so there will be a decent pullback before long, I suspect.

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Thank the gods the rich get richer, I might get more money mowing their lawn, now that's trickle down not a gush, just a trickle.

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Trickle-down economics doesn't work.

Yes it does, that is why the jobs, economy, consumer confidence and stock are all at historical highs now

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me thinks

who says things like this? The stock market even in Japan is historically high, looked at a graph lately?

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