NTT to begin remote work as norm for 30,000 employees in July


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So now that the pandemic is easing down they decide to let people work from home??????

I know someone that works NTT call center ( so no confusion phone and internet interaction only with clients zero personal interaction) she had to go into work every day during the height of the pandemic despite having an at risk bedridden parent at home.

Now I think like most of her co-workers she is hakken ( outsourced worker) but the location and offices were NTT.

A dollar short and 2 years late.

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Excellent news. This is one major way to tackle the kaso problem and to help ease the overpopulation and centralization of Tokyo.

People living wherever they want is fantastic.

They will lose the interpersonal relationships and friendships that come with working together though.

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Welcome to April 2020 NTT!

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Brilliant! But other companies that have managers who need a power trip will make people come back to work even if not needed or less efficient.

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Not recent but a few years ago, I've seen how the customer support teams work in the so called "red zone"s. They could not bring any electronics and had to enter the room with a clear bag. This was their way of assuring no customer information leaked. I bet those people still need to go to the office everyday.

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So long as it is up to the employee. Some people have empty comfortable homes, other people have larger families and little space at home. One solution-fits-all is no solution at all.

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I love it when a company whose names contain the word "telegraph" brags that it's on the cutting edge.

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Good news! I recently turned down a job offer that didn’t guarantee hybrid work. This trend is real.

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They will lose the interpersonal relationships and friendships that come with working together though.

Maybe now they can forge true friendships with people outside of work based on similar traits and interests, instead of being limited to creating friendships with co-workers due to proximity, business needs, and forced social interaction at nomikai and such.

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I like what NTT is trying to do; it could be an excellent precedent.

It's illogical to force employees to commute to the office as long as they could keep their working throughput.

Also, employees get less distorted by problems happening at offices like human relations matters or harassment, and they can focus on their tasks.

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In my case, pre-covid, my commute in Tokyo was about 1 stressful hour in the morning and a less stressful hour in the evening, sometimes after beers with friends. That is 10 hours a week and 40 hours a month which I was not paid for. When you recapture that full work week of 40 hours it is amazing and people don't want to give it up.

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