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Seven & i president reappointed in proxy fight against U.S. activist fund


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The U.S. fund, which has a 4.4 percent stake in Seven & i, has demanded the retailer spin off the convenience store business and sell its loss-making Ito-Yokado supermarket unit in a bid to increase its corporate value.

4.4 percent? Need really more than that to make real impact on the meeting.

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These so called Activist Funds are just like all the other slash and burn investment companies in the US. Buy a company, strip it of whatever is good, sell it off for a huge profit, leave the struggling part to wither and fall into bankruptcy forcing many out of jobs, but by then they have made their huge profits and have moved on to other targets. I hope Japanese investors will not agree with this style of business.

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HEB got untapped market in Texas ,that they do not even try to open stores in Texas

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