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Sony, Honda to jointly make EVs for 2026 U.S. delivery


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...and they said Tesla was going to go broke 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 2.5 years ago, 18 months ago....but instead selling 2 millions cars/year.

2026 delivery LOL

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and they said Tesla was going to go broke 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 2.5 years ago, 18 months ago....but instead selling 2 millions cars/year.

Thanks to Toyota helping Telsa with tech and Money.

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Thanks to Toyota helping Telsa with tech and Money

eh? Wasn't it Benz that invested in Tesla originally? The stake in Tesla that Benz sold is now worth more than the market cap of Benz's entire company. Just go to show how the Germans AND Japanese totally miss the point of Tesla.

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Like Toyota, Japanese automakers are too late for that game.

By 2026, China, South Korea, Vietnam, India, USA, and other countries will already get established market shares in the new automotive market. This means these countries have completely established a supply chain each! It will be challenging for Japan to break in.

Honda is the quickest Japanese automaker going towards EV but they have to team up with Koreans (LG). In this relationship, Honda is entirely reliant on LG.

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I would argue that Tesla is playing its own game. No one else even know what the game is.

The encumbent auto food chain is best characterized as tarted up anxiety. Anxious negotiating in the showroom, anxious when paying for service, anxious when something breaks (and the system is designed so that lots of things break), and because of the complexity not even the food chain knows how to fix it. Finally you're anxious when the car gets too old to keep and know that a massive amount of depreciation has occurred, and that you're likely to be reemed again dealing with a used car salesmen. This is all before you put the stealers and the ming moles into the equation, or the finance and insurance.

Tesla sells direct, fixed price. It continues to update the car OTA for life for free. You don't have to worry about fuel price fluctation. Servicing is kept to a bare minimum because there's no engine, emission equipments, or extreme heat exchange equipment, and brakes lasts almost forever because of regeneration of energy.

On top of all this, the car is undergoing constant diagnostic monitoring by Tesla for free. On a BMW, you ask for an issue to be looked at, you get slapped with a $200 diagnostic fee by the stealer straight off the bat, and it's the same for all the Germans.

The Japanese had better wake up and smell the roses, the game as they know it, has finished. The Vietnamese certainly has (like Vinfast with its lease model, ie no anxiety with ownership), and they haven't even started selling cars internationally yet.

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Regarding Teslas, it seems they are everywhere here in South Cal. EVs are very popular here. Teslas are as popular today as the Ford Mustang was in the 1960s.

BTW, I read somewhere that in a recent year, 39% of all EV sales in the USA were in California.

So, best wishes to Sony/Honda.

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Sh1mon M4sada

I would argue that Tesla is playing its own game. No one else even know what the game is.

Perhaps. Yet Tesla's EV market share has been steadily decreasing despite their sales increase. Their market share will continue to decline as many more companies, old and new, enter the market.

Tesla's Global EV Market Share

2020 Q1: 30.4%

2020 Q2: 25.1%

2020 Q3: 24.0%

2020 Q4: 18.5%

2021 Q1: 24.1%

2021 Q2: 18.6%

2021 Q3: 18.3%

2021 Q4: 17.7%

2022 Q1: 19.5%

2022 Q2: 15.6%

And this is even when Japanese automakers have not entered the market yet in full swing.

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I will keep buying Toyota hybrids until the government forces me to buy an EV. I love Sony, but I love Toyota more.

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I wanted a Honda FCX, but they wouldn't sell any. They were lease only and only available in other states far away.

I see a few Teslas here when out driving, though they are far from common. Can't say I've seen any other EV, ever. Hybrids from all brands have been common for a long time.

Hybrids aren't really on my list to buy, but I'm not against them. We just don't plan to buy a new vehicle again for the rest of our lives. Have about 10 more years of life for the current 2001 Honda we drive today. That reminds me. Need to get the airbags replaced under warranty soon. Safety stuff doesn't have a deadline, it seems.

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It's a given that Tesla share of total BEV global market would be declining. Tesla is the spearhead, it created the BEV market so of course as others 'catches up' Tesla would loose market share. So your post is neither an insight nor an argument.

On the other hand, look at number of cars shipped, the growth, the decline in ICE cars etc. Once the market has reached peak adoption of BEVs, then let's compare whether Tesla vs others.

This is even before enthusiasts becomes aware of technical shortcomings of other brands, eg Porsches with LFP battery pack that shutsdown in cold weather, and if they didn't shutdown, they suffer range reduction. Tesla Model S with NCM battery, cold weather is not an issue, faster acceleration, more efficient, AND cheaper than Taycan.

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I will keep buying Toyota hybrids until the government forces me to buy an EV

Reasonable argument. I ordered a model S 6 months ago, still no delivery date from Tesla. So IMHO, hybrids looks to be a reasonable step towards BEV.

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