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Troubled Toshiba to delist after takeover by Japanese consortium succeeds


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Awesome! The road to recovery!

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Tax payers money used to keep a scandal prone corrupt zombie company alive. What a waste!

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A leading brand behind rice cookers, TVs, laptops and other products once symbolic of Japan’s technological prowess, Toshiba...

In the 90s. Does Toshiba have any strengths today?

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Toshiba is good technology and memories for me. They built the laptop computer that got me through studies in Japan. And they build the NAND flash drives that keep my data safe. It is good to hear that their technology will continue in good hands in Japan.

I do not understand why they chose the name Kioxia for their flash-memory hardware sales section; it sounds Chinese and makes me feel that my data would be less secure.

3 ( +6 / -3 )

Looks like what used to call a Leveraged Buy Out to me. I'm guessing the pile of 350 billion yen of cash is what they're after. Good luck to them if Ueda raises interest rate (cost of capital to buy the company), I suppose they're probably too big to fail and the government will bail them out in that scenario.

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A leading brand behind rice cookers, TVs, laptops and other products once symbolic of Japan’s technological prowess,

BS! None of those products were extraordinary in any shape of form and were more a sad representation of how Japanese tech firm were producing bad products. If their laptops for example were any good and attractive to the international market, they would be still in business and make billions of dollars out of their computers like Apple does. But no their products were terrible and nobody bought them more over when the competition was delivering truly good products. So stop the ridiculous nonsense.

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Even after privatization, the company will “do the right thing” to try boost its value, he added.

By real productive and profitable work; or by creative accounting from their finance department, in collusion with a bunch of very helpful auditors.

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no their products were terrible

I would beg to differ on laptop here. Toshiba is only one of a few brand that still make tough 'field' laptop. Toshiba's problem with computers is Microsoft, the end.

As for what Toshiba makes most money out of, it's medical instruments, they are some of the best, most advanced, and I'm guessing at some point JIP is going to break Toshiba apart and relist this division.

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