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Uniqlo takes plunge in uncertain India retail market


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Well...Lets wait and see what will be the result. Hopefully Uniqlo can be succeed in India as well. I think Uniqlo would be very succeed in Argentina and Portugal.

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Uniglo has appeared to hit on an untapped market and has been well received in India

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The "cool" and "air" offerings should be a hit in such a hot and humid country. I find my Uniqlo summer weight items from Japan really wonderfully comfortable when going to SE Asia.

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To be successful in India, they need to define their customer segment.

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When Uniqlo started out prices were reasonable and has popularity as increased so are prices.

Their colors are too dull for my liking and have not been to one in about 5 years.

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Uniqlo only sells my size online which to date have all been failures and returned goods. I have better luck with Rakuten for clothes. Amazon sometimes.

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If 'Bargaining' is Not allowed, then it's a risky business there but at fixed priced shops like Uniqlo, it's going to be the problem or takes long long time to get a profit.

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Wonder what the "Made in" Labels on the Clothing read when sold in India ?

(One day, it will be Made in UK)

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