Japan's World Cup performance to bring ¥16.3 bil in economic effects


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That's a very precise number. Hard to believe they didn't just pull it out of somewhere.

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So Qatar world cup is more profitable than scandalous 2020 Olympics?

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impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

What impact? Not enough foreigners to buy beer in Roppongi? I would have thought they would blame Putin at this point, and not COVID.

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impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Yep I still know so many people here who are terrified of going out and mixing wifh people of fear of getting Covid, and who haven't removed their masks in public for the past three years. 99% of placss still require temperature checks, hand sanitiser everywhere, daily case reports publicised each day and analysed and discussed by the media...

So of course that is going go influence Wold Cup mechanise sales, keep people at home, stop parties/celebration...

And as for waning interest in "soccsr" here, see the above because I believe it's highly relavant, especially among young people who have had three years of their lives stolen by Covid measures.

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Excellent, very good for Japan !!..

So Qatar world cup is more profitable than scandalous 2020 Olympics?

Why do you hurt the good news from Japan??..

The Olympics are history, get over it..

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I struggle to see the point of these guesstimates. Even if they are remotely correct, doesn’t it mean that the money spent buying soccer jerseys and whatnot is money not put to use in some other way? Opportunity cost.

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Food and beverage-related sales, including sports bars and food delivery services, will total 5.2 billion yen compared with 7.2 billion yen for the previous tournament, according to the estimate.

The starting times, here in Japan anyway, would account for the drop.

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Really good news.

Not just in economic terms, but the record-breaking performance of Samurai-Blue will be felt on the sporting field. Hopefully millions of kids will put down baseball and softball bats, and start kicking around soccer balls. Only soccer is a world sport.

A 12 year old today could be pushing for selection in Samurai-Blue or Nadeshiko-Japan in 8 years. Samurai-Blue have hopefully inspired the next generation, and who knows - maybe will be pushing Japan into a WC final down the track?!

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" ...Japan's memorable performance at the World Cup in Qatar..."


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Excessive mask use restrictions are still missing some profits from social events or partying.

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As it is related to sports, Dentsu probably are involved with it, and so can provide very accurate costs.

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Japan needs more lock downs since half the politicians are tied to -x--x--

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This will be limited by the games being on in the middle of the night.

Just my own case, but I am capable of drinking beer and eating snacks without the football being on. I can find plenty of other excuses to indulge, so it's a bit silly to attribute such consumption solely to the football.

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If this is the case, Japan should never hold another olympics and put all of their investment into training top athletic teams only.

I have a feeling this Dai Ichi Life institute may not be the ones to follow on this lead as their profit is down 85% this last year.

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For this work, the think-tank was likely compensated 15 billion yen.

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Broadcasting was free, the real fans had already before their t-shirts or other fan goods and the whole short term effect found an end anyway when the penalty shots didn’t land behind the goal line on early Tuesday morning. And as others already said, most people can spend their few bills only once, so if they buy soccer fan goods the money isn’t anymore available for other purposes.

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Really good news.

Not just in economic terms,

It's only ¥ 125 per person!

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