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Japan's 2019 convenience store sales rise to record


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Record profits, but somehow still not enough to raise pay for an industry that's having trouble attracting workers!

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This is the typical narrative for today's Japanese corporates. Whine and complain about how awful the "demographic" or other situation is, cry about "uncertainty," push for rock-bottom wages and more corporate tax cuts, and meanwhile... rake in record profits.

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Yes, like Reckless says, people should not use convenience stores in place of supermarkets. You'll pay 30-50% more for everything. Those discount day 100 yen onigiri, "normally 120 yen!" are 70 yen in the supermarket. 500ml drinks will be 89 yen in the supermarket, 130 yen in the convenience store.

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Aeon's My Basket is by far the best convenience store out there.It's pretty widespread in Tokyo however I wonder if it is ubiquitous outside of the capital?

Great prices and range.....I personally boycott 7-11 because of their business practices.......I am sorry to hurt their franchise holders.

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Some commenters don't understand difference between sales and profits.

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I love Japan’s convenience stores! Can eat healthier at these than many supermarkets in USA!

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