ANA to buy 20 more Boeing 787 Dreamliners


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This article is factually inaccurate. ANA is replacing it’s 767 aircraft with 787s. They are essentially the same size al though the 787 has a much longer range it is about 20% more fuel efficient than the 767 it replaces

The 777 is a larger aircraft that fills a completely different market segment.

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The article isn't in fact totally incorrect. The larger 787-10's for domestic routes WILL be replacing the older 777-200 that serve many of the busier domestic routes and are ageing.

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Why the **** Airbus comment? Have you flown any of the newer variants, the A350 for example? I am loyal to ANA so, have only had the chance with SQ a few times, I actually prefer it to the 787 which is its direct competitor.

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Looking forward to seeing some more of these in the skies. The 767s are a nice old plane but so much noisier than the 787s.

Heard elsewhere that these planes will sport GE engines as a risk-mitigating measure instead of the Rolls Royce Trent 1000s that were giving ANA some grief.

I'd like to see JAL put some A350s on routes flying from Itami, perhaps when they retire more of the 767s from their fleet as well. Great for planespotting nerds like me.

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Yes - Correct about the new order carrying GE Engines. Not only given ANA grief as you probaby know. Massive mess that will cause RR to suffer losses for years to come. You can still see the affected 787-9's at Haneda being repaired in rotation.

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A coffee spill in the cockpit shut down an A350s engine in flight recently. Give me the Dreamliner!

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@Random - I'd hate to think what a Coffee spill in any Boeing Aircrafts cockpit would do....

At present, I would feel more comfortable flying in anything slightly older than a 737 Max beit Boeing or Airbus.

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