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Japan's average gasoline price hits highest level since Dec 2014


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I know that the price of crude oil has risen lately, but this spike in gasoline is gouging. These prices are similar to what we were paying when oil was almost double this price. How can they justify it. If any kind of disruption or event were to take place in the middle east, look out, we might be paying Y200 per litre soon.

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Further proof Abenomics inflationary policy is hitting the target. Stay the course, PM Abe and Vice PM Aso.

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Total ripping off again of the Japanese people by those in power who seem to actually hate the citizens.

The gasoline being sold now was processed when the oil price was much lower. It takes months for the ripple effect of an oil price rise to impact pump prices.

And the obverse is as disgusting - when record low prices of oil were being realized over the past two years, the point of sale price took ages to decrease and it was mild to say the least.

As Markx said - gouging. Gouging of the ordinary people of Japan by Big Business Inc and of course ably supported by Abe Inc. because the govt's voice on this is nowhere to be heard, except maybe, Oh - inflation is good.

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Disgusting price gouging by the connected criminals of Japan Inc. They're made men, the laws don't apply to them. "shut up, pay your taxes, pay for over-priced gas and then die without claiming a pension you peons!"

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Further proof Abenomics inflationary policy is hitting the target.

Ganbare Japan - please reread the second paragraph of the article.

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How much is that in dollars per gallon? Here in California we pay almost $4 per gallon, including a lot of tax.

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That is about $6 per gallon.

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