Japan's economy grows less than expected in third quarter


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Japan's economy grows less than expected in third quarter

But historically, tax hikes have hit Japan's economy hard.

Why anyone expect grow more after those tax hike?

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And this was during the rush buying before the tax hike! It's only going to get worse from here!

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Because there is no economy in Japan. All a smokescreen.

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What about all these massive prices paid for crabs, tuna, melons etc?

We keep being told by one poster at least that these astronomical figures are are indicators that “the economy is ticking along nicely.”

Would he be wrong by any chance?


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“the economy is ticking along nicely.” Would he be wrong by any chance?

of course he is, J agriculture and fisheries has a history of keeping the illusion of high prices, make the masses think that the crab fish, fruit caught in grown in near Japan is of a higher quality than what other countries catch grow. There is a reason why they're so anti foreign food imports as it exposes the extortion they've been running for decades

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Well, hold the phone!! I am absolutely STUNNED!

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Good news. Less stuff people don't need and saved from going into landfill and the incinerators.

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Japanese economy would ride out the storm next year as it receives a likely boost from the Tokyo Olympics.

I don't now much about economics, but what boost would it be and in what form? Not seeing much.

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""The pre-tax shopping spree was not that strong, suggesting that the Japanese economy is not strong enough to maintain a sustainable recovery."

He predicted the economy would go into reverse in the fourth quarter as consumption slows after the tax hike."

Wow. Whodathunk the Keynesian tomfoolery would have a detrimental impact... Idiots at the helm.

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raise taxes, raise prices, work longer hours, who would spend more money are you crazy?

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Japanese economy would ride out the storm next year as it receives a likely boost from the Tokyo Olympics.

This is ill-advised. Most companies are expecting a downturn in the economy. My company is telling us that the year after the olympics will be a bit bare so hold on for a rough patch. I do not think this person knows what they are talking about. If you own a hotel or taxi you might see a bump.

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If you read the Asahi Shinbun article you will see a major factor completely ignored.

Korea strikes back:

Moreover, worsening ties with South Korea had "a big impact" on already weak exports, Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura told reporters after the GDP data release. "Exports will remain weak due to slack demand for cars and electronics parts. In addition, declines in tourists from South Korea are having large negative effects," he said.

Spending by inbound tourists, which are counted as part of exports in GDP data, was crunched by sharp declines in the number of Korean tourists in August and September. Japanese exports to the country tumbled 16 percent in September, dragged down by shipments of cars, TVs, computers and semiconductor production equipment.

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Japan is doing the same thing over and over for decades. Why would we expect something to change? We need more progressive leaders who aren't afraid to fail, like Softbank's Son.

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Th is Great Abenomic Miracle just never stops delivering, does it?

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the 3rd arrow kuroda san promised never materialized.

The break up of the farmers cartel might be kick off some changes, and Trumps trade policy, but domestically, doesnt seem much hope for Japan. There could be, but hard to change this place. the old 80s paradigm of life employment, every year a new car, bonuses, huge taishokukin payouts, this kept the locals happy because it helps keep it all going around. all that extra money helped to pay the shakkin scam, reikin scam, taxes, tolls. useless projects, etc.

now seems its going to become a tax heavy society, with more unhappy, overworked and underpaid people in a dreary landscape they created.

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Obviously it's one of that propaganda article that despite trade war, tax hike and other factors Japan still has strong economy.

Lets all forget about real problems 230% debt, BoJ printing money, negative interest rates, reaching 2% inflation. BOJ already stated in their recent report that economy situation in Japan is similar to the one that has been in 80s right before bubble burst.

My bet is that they might last until Olympics after that it's going to be game over. Some big recession, monetary system will collapse and have to be changed or simply big depression. Good luck guys!

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Maybe nothing to see for you, but that statement was made by the Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura who is surely better informed on this subject than you are.

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Resorting to lazy, unimaginative economic policies like shaking down the consumer by increasing consumption taxes does not good "fundamentals" make. The LDP honchos have plainly entered their dotage and are simply FUBAR.

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Well... we didn't see that one coming did we ?

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Not really news to me at all...

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Well... we didn't see that one coming did we ?

Not really news to me at all...

exactly. No surprise there

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