Honda, Sony joining forces on new electric vehicle


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Headlines should be Japanese company try to catch with rest of world trend.

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It will not change much or speed things up.

The problem now is a simple one, each company is working on their own "proprietary" battery systems, charging systems, etc.. including their own self driving systems.

As long as there is no universal system this will take longer for any of these to become popular or wide spread.

Oh I am driving my Nissan leaf, I need to charge it Ooh the only place is a Tesla charging station not compatible, etc...

Your laptop or smartphone can be plugged in and you can keep using it but you cannot move away from the electric outlet.

Yes a probable battery pack may work.

Your car key fab battery dies, do you go inside sit around waiting for it to recharge or do you just change the battery and go on your way.

The future of electric cars are universal battery packs that can be exchanged and recharged at changing stations and fix all cars all models all makers.

Pull in the automatic system evaluates the battery being removed calculates remaining charge deducts that from the fully charged replacement it automatically insert into the car charges the difference.

In and out in less than 5 minutes.

The depleted battery is then fully charged to be use on another car later.

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So it will use a proprietary Sony charging plug, the warranty will only be valid in the prefecture you bought it in, and the entertainment system will only play music from the Sony music store. Only Sony phones will connect to the Bluetooth.

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Will the car be called the Hony or the Sonda?

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Until I heard that Sony would be involved in EV, I had no interest whatsoever. I prefer my Prius hybrid, but Sony!

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Well, the fonts match.

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Nuclear powered cars.

Why don't they just tell the truth !

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Apple has talked about making an electric car. Yeah right!

Honda and Sony could actually make an amazing electric car. How exciting to see what they come up with.

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To Sony's credit, when they put their efforts into a project they usually do a fine job. A lot of well known gadgets have Sony produced components. Their Xperia line is top quality. Their problem is marketing. They do not have the confidence of a Apple or Samsung. They have been "gun shy" for a longtime.

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To Sony's credit, when they put their efforts into a project they usually do a fine job. 

Then ruin everything they have created by making it exclusive proprietary and too expensive or complicated to own.

Remember Sony beta, Sony digital music players, Sony laptops, etc...

All good products destroyed by Sony wanting to control everything.

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Sony is leaving on past glory, the company is no longer innovative like

many people like to think.

I don't see this joint venture taking off and being a top player in the electric

car market.

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Sony was destroyed by Idei and Stringer, but is now the most profitable in its history.

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Sony can't even survive in the smartphone market. EV is much tougher!

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The driver's cockpit will resemble a gaming console. The sound system will be immersive and out of this world. And with a Honda base, it will run forever.

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