Japan's imports, exports balloon on energy costs, cheap yen


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what a joke

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The Japanese still read their manga, eat bentos and sleep in their cars whilst the motor is running and wasting fuel-let the yen weaken more…

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Exports totaled 8.8 trillion yen, with the strongest growth in autos and steel. It was the 20th straight month of year on year monthly gains.

8.8 trillion yen is $58.7 billion!

This trend is expected in a weaker yen environment. Japan should take this advantage of the weak yen by investing more in domestic production as announced by some companies like Iris Ohyama. Domestic production/exporting is the best way to deal with currency depreciation.

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sleep in their cars whilst the motor is running and wasting fuel

Yeah I notice that a lot too. It not only wastes fuel, but it also damages and shortens the lifespan of the engine.

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I just love that little EV Honda, but for some reason I don't see than many on the streets!? is is for exporting only??

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Was thinking the same thing before. Came across this article:

Apparently everyone would much rather buy the more expensive Fiat 500e. The lack of charging stations may also play a role.

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That Honda-E in the photo needs to be sold in the USA - awesome car

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We have the import and export data. But what about the domestic economy (production and consumption)? Is it solid?

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It's now 150 per USD.

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If I weren't just about to start at a new job, I'd say it's the perfect time to visit Japan again.

Maybe next spring I can work remote for a month or two...

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Americans buying up the used JDM car market apparently. Hopefully they'll still be a decent EK9 Type R Civic still around in a few years.

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Little tiny wheels and tires just make no sense !

More repetitions and more gasoline/ power to achieve the distance required.

It depends on the gear ratio and engine displacement/power.

Otherwise we’d all be driving monster trucks and penny-farthings.

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