Kirin offloads Myanmar beer business


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Respect for Kirin. Will continue drinking more of their Ichiban Shibori.

I almost feel as if the military junta allowed Aung San Suu Kyi back into power in 2011 because they knew the international community would pour investment funds into the country.

After 10 years of considerable cash flow, they said enough and threw Aung San Suu Kyi back into prison.

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The end of Myanmar.

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China and India will happily expand into Myanmar. Japan is truly losing influence in the ASEAN.

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Yup, you beat me to it Septim:

I bet you my bank balance the chinese bought it

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Speed: "Respect for Kirin. Will continue drinking more of their Ichiban Shibori."

Respect for Kirin?? They are ONLY doing this due to extreme pressure for not doing it when other nations' companies, and many Japanese, had pulled out already. In fact, they fought it and refused to leave. It'd be like tipping your hat to a Japanese company if in a year from now they decide to stop doing business with Russia but are still doing business with them now and up until they finally give in to pressure.

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