Japan's labor productivity ranked 30th among 38 OECD members in 2022


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*A separate report by the country's labor ministry also showed that labor productivity per person remained nearly flat for 25 years through 2021 and has lagged other advanced economies.*

What else has remained flat for nearly 25 years?

Quite the conundrum for these bureaucrats, economists and Japan Inc. about how to raise productivity.

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No surprise at all.

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Anyone who has spent any time in Japan Inc. will know that this is a deeply societal problem, although when Japan was rebuilding itself after WW2 it was a boon to the country. Now it’s a millstone around the neck of the country, dragging it further down while the bureaucrats will of course do nothing to change it.

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meh, political hit piece orchestrated by Japanese corporations to resist wage rise demands. The OECD is mostly a gun for hire organisation, headed by an ex-politician known for fiscal conservatism (subdueing workers rightsl.

Sigh...main stream media = corporate political apparatus! Sad...

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No surprise at all.

I'll second that.

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They keep harping about wage increases...well it's productivity that PAYS for much needed wage increases!

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Japan ranked 30th in labor productivity among the 38 Organization for Economic Cooperation Development members in 2022, down two spots from the previous year and to a new lowest-ever position, a Tokyo-based group said.

In 2021 it's still ranked 27th out of 38 OECD members, How come it's continue to decline to rank 30th, Japan has sophisticated hanko stamp in their business process, sophisticated paper works and sophisticated fax machine. Not only that some people willing to do unpaid overtime but it's still decline?

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As a “developed” nation, Japan lags in so many areas - gender equality, general quality of life, productivity, press independence, entrepreneurship, technological adaptation, English language proficiency, wage growth, social services support, child care, clean energy, etc… Like the saying goes, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

This country has a lot of potential, but opportunities are simply missed over and over and over again. We live in a world environment of exponential - not incremental - change. If Japan is content to simply be an interesting tourist destination dependent on the spending habits of foreign visitors, then so be it, but that would be a shame.

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Do you also disagree that Japan has comparatively low pr

How can you have low productivity but record profit?,increase%20from%20a%20year%20earlier.

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Japanese corporate profits:

(look at 25 years data)

Does anyone here thinks Japanese workers are slackers? Or is it that Japanese corporations don't like to share profits with workers?

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This is the result of decades of exploitation of the working class by Japanese industrialists and politicians. Minimum wage on the West Coast of the United States averages around $14 an hour while the minimum wage in Japan is seven dollars an hour. Japanese women do not receive equal pay for equal work compared to their male counterparts. Glass ceilings also prevent Japanese women from vertical mobility, in corporate Japan.

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Don't listen to that, don't get angry or begin to feel pressure, because still that so-called low productivity ensures a GDP in the global very top rankings. So it's in contrary an outstanding great job that everyone is doing.

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We used to pick berries and make art, now all we worry about is productivity and profits. Lovely world.

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To enhance labor productivity, the center proposed Japan "proactively utilize digital technologies, including generative artificial intelligence, to create new additional value while making up for labor shortages."

With politicians who don't know how to use computers but faxes only, will happen in next century.

Services quality and productivity was always based on number of people working hard towards same goal. With wages going down the drain and number of efficient workers dropping (no, housewives and very old seniors on the job market are not young and dynamic engineeers), Japan is bound to fall in such GDP world championship.

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Don't listen to that, don't get angry or begin to feel pressure, because still that so-called low productivity ensures a GDP in the global very top rankings. So it's in contrary an outstanding great job that everyone is doing.

Yes, but… yes, but… LOL…

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In the 2022 rankings, Ireland placed first with $154.10 in value per person per hour, followed by Norway at $149.90, while the average among the OECD members was at $65.20. 

Just to provide some context, Irish workers are not twice as productive as other workers, but it has an artificially inflated GDP due to companies nominally basing their headquarters there due to its tax haven status.

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