Muji store operator says it is 'deeply concerned' about forced labor reports in China


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Took them a while to become “deeply concerned”.

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The article states that they found "no significant issues" yet they are "deeply concerned" and this gets reported. The slow drip of anti-China propaganda..... drip...drip....

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I am not anti China i am anti Xi’s rule which eventually will China back to the middle ages

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Alleged, rumored etc. next you will believe the White Helmets.

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So, I guess they'll move their slave-labor factories to Myanmar, or North Korea.

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"We'd hate to see our production costs increase as a result of this sort of attention", he said.

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At least Muji is courageous enough to say something, knowing full well the indignant wrath of the online mob in China could come down at any time. Japanese apparel companies are some of the worst, in that most don't even bother with pretenses about caring, and will switch factories/countries at the drop of a hat if anyone dares increase their costs. The big Japanese shift to Myanmar is case in point, as is their overall general silence on Myanmar, as Japanese business is, generally speaking, solidly pro-military in Myanmar. But I digress.

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Admittedly, we do like some of these products. However, didn’t consider the true source of the products.

“*Co. said IT had conducted an audit of factories,...”* -

Sorry but, a ‘company’ can’t be trusted with their own ‘audits’. Sometimes, it’s used as an opportunity to ‘clean up the mess’ and dispose of evidence before the real authorities show up. You know, Like a WHO ‘inspection’.

“*saying IT found NO significant issues*” -

Apparently, speaking out of two sides of the same mouth. Otherwise, known as ‘double-speak, two-faced, lying, deceitful’.

No significant issues‘ but “deeply concerned about reports of forced labor in Xinjiang China.” -

Therefore, must be lying about something.

If Ryohin Keikaku is really concerned about monitoring conditions and labor, brings these factories back to Japan and create real, sustainable jobs. Then, sell your products to China if they haven’t already usurped your designs, molds, etc.

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Is it not common knowledge that prisoners in China are used as free labor?

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@kurisupisu 1:34pm. Understood. Based on previous attempt to post related information, we’re fearful these comments will only be here a short time. Therefore, keywords have been omitted -

The US State Department estimates up to 2 million and other minorities have passed through a sprawling network of detention centers across the region, where they were subjected to intense political indoctrination, forced labor, torture, and even sexual abuse.” - CNN

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You want to compare the numbers locked up in China with those locked up in the US? LOL

Maybe the State Department should have a look at the number in US detention centers... the highest in the world I believe.

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Welcome to the Chinese sanction list. Muji really has some naive directors. As they say, "when you are in Rome, act as the Romans do," not to play politics. The shareholders are expecting the bottom line results not publicity stunts.

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