Japan's potato chip shortage likely to linger until fall


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Meanwhile, nobody noticed it.

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the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said snack producers in Japan prefer domestic crops due in part to complexity of exterminating harmful insects from imported potatoes.

I am sure under the Japanese regulations that there is no inconsistent treatment of foreign and locally grown potatoes whatsoever, not even a hint of protectionism for the local producers who have votes in local elections unlike their foreign competition.

And no doubt Japanese consumers have absolutely no issues with this at all.

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It only affects Hokaido potato and Onions.

Right now I pay 900yen for 4kg Hokaido Onion usually around 600-700yen.

No Hokaido tatters anywhere, other regions yes.

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Huh? I hear about this potato chip crises, then I go to the combine and pick up endless packs for the regular price. What gives?

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So what happens if the same weather happens again and Hokkaido gets hit by more typhoons, which seems to be more likely thanks to climate change, and the potato crop is once again damaged or wiped out? Will people just have to gaman again until the can finally get a good potato crop? I could care less about potato chips, but with all the restrictions and duties levied on foods, this could get really ugly and quick if Japan is not careful.

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Despite all the talk of "parasites," etc. the Japanese government has been willing to eliminate all the "safety" barriers mentioned above in order to get TPP rolling. That should tell you something about the veracity of the stated reasons for restricting foreign potatoes, which are a widely globally traded commodity, after all.

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Time for some Yukon Gold and Idaho russets, Last year it was butter and now potatoes? Then it was spinach and what will be next? I just don't get it

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Agree with Bass4funk for a change. But japan likes to always wait to change until it's far too late, be it butter imports, potatoes, the TPP, bilateral deals with foreign nations, or "importing" foreigners to help deal with the aging population and worker shortage. Better to panic after the fact and shrug and ask how it happened, then STILL do nothing. They could fix this TOMORROW if they wanted to, but are too wrapped up in the shouganai and discussion about it. Like wheels turning slowly in the mud.

And only a week week ago they were saying Japan doesn't engage in protectionism.

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There is no need for this to be an issue, but the government is not going to cave in on potatoes because it's not a typical Japanese "staple" unlike rice.

When there was a rice shortage, begrudgingly the government eased imports of foreign rice. Potato chips isnt enough of a reason, butter either.

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McD's fries all from Idaho if you didn't know.

You just can't make good chips (crisps if you are from GB) without fresh potatoes that had been freshly dug out from the ground, not some that had been laying in a container crossing the Pacific and another week or so while clearing customs.

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It's nearly as serious as the great butter crisis of 2015....

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A option,Import from Asian countries aka India!

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Did some of the commenters miss the part that tells readers that imports of potatoes from the USA are allowed?

And i I recall earlier reports said Calbee actually did import some to replace the unavailable Hokkaido crop for chip making but had to abandon the plan because of the poor quality of the US potatoes.

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Emergency import of Tayto Crisps please!

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It was the Tayto Crisp blight that cause the Potato famine here in the first place!

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For a country which relies on exports Japan sure has a problem with imports....

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