Japan's retail, entertainment sectors feel pain from spread of virus


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Club Premier is gonna have to lower prices and up the service level!

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Fortunately, my income hasn’t dropped but still early days yet...

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I wouldn't mind a few beers with the maskless girls of Club Premier!

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Yep, small businesses and family owned stores, izakayas etc are feeling the pinch. People's livelihoods are suffering as customers stay away and parties cancel.

Thoughts go out to the small retailers.

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I wouldn't mind a few beers with the maskless girls of Club Premier!

LOL! You may get a discount now since business is kinda slow.

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I think the girls inside club premier do not look like those on the picture outside.

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If possible, please reduce the number of shaking hands and kiss.

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The red light district is suffering. What will they do?

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I usually hit up T-Funny right above Club Premier.

DVD rentals, especially mail order ones like Tsutaya Discus, and streaming sites are going to be making more 円。

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Love how an article about drop off in entertainment business is pictured with hostess/kabakura signs.

My guess all of these massive share price declines represent a good buying opportunity in the near future.

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Perhaps it's a good opportunity to review and reform Japan's socio-cultural structure and customs, some of which I find are inherently vulnerable to virus outbreaks. In Japan, much in contrast to other contingencies such as earthquake or seasonal typhoon, there aren't yet sufficient "Plan B" alternative services or compensation schemes in face of the outbreak. Erroneous info, rumors and fake news are likely to spread due to the lack of shared public consensus and literacy (again Japanese seem relatively calm, more reasonable and better prepared for earthquake, one of common and experienced crisis phenomena across the country).

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Sales of any business is not due to one reason. I know abt this as I have been in japanese business for 31 years. I think all people are panicking because of over-reaction. The stock exhange is another matter......................stock falls as people are panicking but it is also a good time to buy stocks. People stay at home because they are frightened by the news and things happening regarding the corona virus. Everyone with common sense should do research in reality. Give accurate news and help each other. This could be a good wake-up call for all involved. No more tatemae.

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Tara tan, new in Japan is a day late and yen short

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Well, get ready... with Abe announcing suddenly, and with no plan, that all schools will be closed (except for students whose parents who want them to go to school), a lot of parents will have to take time off work, and people who depend on a regular routine that is being disrupted through said actions will lose money. That means a lot less spending. That is detriment to a nation already trying to crawl out of a very long, endless, dark tunnel.

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The pain can be absorbed with internet. Unfortunately, Japan made stupid decision to slow down the development of 5G network last year, for no good reasons.

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Any object such as beer can have the virus, it last in object for 9 hours. If a hostess has the virus, anybody she can be infected.....

That in addition to the other infections you may get by visiting such places.

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