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Japan's streetwear veteran Nigo takes over at Kenzo


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Make sure he doesn't put the big letters on the design. One of the reason why I dont buy the brands even on massive sale.

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Look at all of those vibrant colors in the background. Classic Kano style. I remember the first time going to Osaka and seeing people on the street who weren't wearing the same thing in the same black or gray. I was shocked!

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Kano = Kanto

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Young hypebeasts will go crazy for it. As a grown up man with interest in fashion, both Kenzo and A Bathing Ape are completely overrated. Kenzo design can be summarized as pretty much „Big letters and a tiger“ with average quality and Bathing Ape has some of the ugliest designs I have ever seen. Who wears those ugly overpriced shark hoodies with zipper?

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So dasai!

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Scary looking guy!!! With all respect never heard of all the above except for , Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Louis Vuitton. one thing i noticed about fashions in Japan it change just as fast as the Japanese automobiles models and designs, so they loose their base design. It's alright for as long the general public buys it I guess.

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Loved Kenzo suede shoes a while back…

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