Japan's farm exports hit record high in 2020 despite pandemic


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The headline appears to be wrong:

"... those of fishery products fell 20.8 percent..."

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So, your saying: “Farm exports...”

“land-based (agriculture) products, like rice & eggs, Increased (*with the exception of beef)...

while “ocean-derived (fisheries) products, like yellowtail & shellfish, Decreased.

(Wow! With all the egg-based products here in Japan, didn’t know we were also exporting so much.)

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I hope the egg products aren't affected by recent bouts of avian flu.

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And all these exports are subsidised by the Japanese consumers paying double or triple for Japanese products in Japan compared to abroad, where prices are much cheaper for Japanese top quality products.

and don’t forget the fairytale that Japan is not food self sufficient.

once upon anime....

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By market, Hong Kong was the largest buyer of Japanese agricultural exports with a 1.2 percent increase, followed by China with a 6.6 percent rise and Vietnam that saw an 18.3 percent growth in shipments.

This answers your question u/robert maes.

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Good for farmers. Japan should hire more SouthEast Asians to work on agricultural field. Also, Japan should give an interest exporting to countries like New Zealand, Canada, Not South Korea.

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Good, exports are a boost for the domestic economy

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