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Gov't aims to create 300,000 regular jobs for people in 30s-40s


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Government meddling will achieve zilch.

Japanese manufacturers have known this for years and have applied hiring practices as needed.

What is regular employment?

It is an outdated concept that doesn’t apply in the 21st century.

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Wrong approach. The govt should be nailing the employers. If the employers insist on their wage suppression policies, then the govt should just say, "OK, then, bye-bye corporate tax cut. And goodbye to your procurement contracts as well."

Hit 'em where it hurts!

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So, the government proposes to make 300,000 ‘low paying’ jobs. Working for ¥1,000 per hour is less than the welfare payment from Hello Work.

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The early nineties were 25 years ago.

I think it might be tricky getting employers to find "regular jobs" for people who've not had one for 25 years. If we take the Bubble collapse as 1991 a high school grad from then will be 46. A 4-year uni grad will be 50 (!), not "thirties and forties". They're fifteen years off retirement! (crazy emoji)

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A 4-year uni grad will be 50 (!), not "thirties and forties".

This ice age period is classed as running from 1993 - 2004, so someone who graduated high school in 2004 would indeed be in their 30s.

Many will have worked contract after contract - the ronin life. Rather than chasing ungrateful youngsters who quit at the drop of a hat, giving a 40 year old some training and security might actually get you an engaged and grateful employee.

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It depends, some Japanese people over 50 have vey strange working habbits like coming to work but doing nothing. Causing bad blood at work place, wasting time , such things.

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