Japan aims to expand size of circular economy to ¥80 tril by 2030


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Japan aims to expand size of circular economy to ¥80 tril by 2030

Asking for more from customer in paying their product after inflation?

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The ministry's envisaged budget request also includes financial aid for capital spending by Japanese companies.

The main point in these articles on the economy often buried by Kyodo far from the headline. In keeping with keeping the Japanese public uninformed about the dealing of the LDP/Japan Inc. combine.

The Japanese taxpayer once again financing the capital of Japan Inc. As many struggle with pitiful wages and even to pay taxes out of those wages with little access to capital.

Japan aims to expand size of circular economy to ¥80 tril by 2030

A real "circular economy" and robust consumerism that used to exist in Japan would be based on progressive taxation of corporations, increased returns to workers of their expropriated labor value and a universal basic income to workers based on the UBI/QE that the BOJ currently gifts to Japan Inc.

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It would be a great start by mandatory recyclable paper bag for everything instead of those plastic bags they sell you for 3-5 yen when you get your groceries.

Countries such as Rwanda banned plastic bags in 2008! Can we hurry up Japan?

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New businesses emerging from the circular economy include apps where individuals can sell used goods

Never liked buying used goods from apps. Individuals tend to market their price fairly close to the original MSRP for most used items whereas I can go to Hard Off and find the product at half off!

foster sustainable economic practices by reusing and recycling goods and materials

Let's start by ridding of the unnecessary plastic that covers fruits and veggies and make more products that can be returned for repurposing.

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I thought this was bribe to politician and favor to voter circle.

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I see no mention of legally-binding technical standards, a legal framework to force producers to implement these measures , etc., as this is a very ambitious and complex plan.

I do see subsidy money for corporations, which seems more like bribes than anything else.

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This sounds like (mostly corporate) business handouts in the name of the government doing socially responsible-sounding things. This time it is "circular economy", last time was "SDGs" or "low energy" or something, next time will be something else.

If you can't beat em, join em, so if you have a business or want to start one, get down to your Chamber of Commerce and find out what money is avaiable. You don't need to be Toyota to get a grant. Some people will tell you its "very strict" or such, but you only have to look at the published lists of previous recipients to find lots of hardly original, innovative, or particularly socially responsible projects. If things were "strict", none of these would get a look-in.

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A big plan worth supporting by every japanese if he/she can survive the current inflation waves

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