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Japan aims to quadruple overseas market for anime, games


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Strengthening measures against piracy websites is essential to expanding the global market," it said, warning that some of their advertising revenue can go to criminal syndicates.

Increasing the share of profits going to the actual laboring creators us essentail.


In its revised "Cool Japan" strategy released 

Or else you just have rewarmed Abenomics trickle down corporate welfare programs.

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I predict they will saturate the market by pushing this too far, and they will end up pushing people away from it. Not everyone is into anime and video games, and the people who do will have likely found it already. To get to the point of this, they want to make bigger profits out of it.

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And people aren't attracted to these things because it's forced on them. The "We know what you should like," approach never goes well.

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Oh, and I meant to add... isn't the pic above from a Pokemon Go event? You know... taken from an event put on by an American company?

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Manga and Anime are a nieche,even in the West it is a product for selected youngsters or a limited audience.

Personally I am not into these things ay all,and about video games Western are miles forward in this besides some specific Nintendo titles.

The “cool” Japan thing artificially created will be pushed to the limits with little revenue.

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Anime is a great. it is really.

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“Oh, and I meant to add... isn't the pic above from a Pokemon Go event? You know... taken from an event put on by an American company?”

Yes. And the event put on by the American company was inspired by Japanese-made anime characters.

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In its revised "Cool Japan" strategy released Tuesday, the government said it aims to boost exports of these cultural assets to 20 trillion yen (nearly $130 billion) by 2033.

They did it in the past, see how things end up. So the one that will run until 2033 is from another new budget? Good luck!



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I hope some of that money goes to the actual devs, I can make 4 times more freelancing for foreign companies compared to working for one of the big studios here. Even studios in other Asian countries pay better.

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Manga and anime are starting to be accepted in countries like the United States, Germany, and France, but they have only penetrated the younger generations.

There are still many countries where manga and anime are unknown to them.

It is hard to imagine how much they could sell if they were translated into Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish and spread further around the world.

In terms of games, 20 of the top 50 best-selling games in the world are Nintendo. Almost all the rest are American software. It is difficult to say that foreign games are overwhelmingly superior to Japanese games.

There are a certain number of people who do not like the penetration of Japanese culture, but they just do not see the reality.

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In terms of games, 20 of the top 50 best-selling games in the world are Nintendo. Almost all the rest are American software. It is difficult to say that foreign games are overwhelmingly superior to Japanese games.

Probably more than half of the games you think are American are not American, And most games are usually co produced between multiple studios in Asia, Europe, America.

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I'm not sure where it came from, but since early winter my son's kindergarten class here in the US have been suddenly completely obsessed with Pokemon. My son now has Pokemon trading cards. Pokemon t-shirts and stuffed Pokemon toys, Pokemon books, and he likes to watch the Pokemon cartoons on Netflix. When I pick him up at school it's a sea of Pokemon shirts, and the little kids' birthday parties as of late are full of Pokemon napkins and Pokemon balloons.

Lucky for us we picked a bunch of Pokemon trading cards in Japan a few weeks ago, paying like ¥500 for 60 of them instead of paying like 5 times that much here. Plus our son now gets to be the cool kid with cards written in Japanese.

I should have gotten into the anime business, it seems pretty damn lucrative.

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On the other hand, LDP government introduces invoice system, and they more increased burdens to animation creators who are already in tough situation.

It's mere pretext to waste more taxpayers money on the name of promoting Japanese culture.

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Great news..

Good for Japan pop culture..

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Why is the "government" involved?

Shouldn't the individual companies be responsible for their own promotions overseas?

You telling me Aso is gonna put on a Pikachu suit and prance around New York? No.

Wait.........is this another way to get Kishida, "free trips" overseas?

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the problem is that those companies are hell bent on being jp exclusive.

the proof of that notion was when DMM decided to region block their entire website except for their eiwaka english classes section!

even their FANZA section was region blocked.

that decision will more or less circumvent some overseas customers to resort to piracy for they will have no choice for if they are unable to LEGALLY obtain anime products (ESPECIALLY THE R18 ONES) directly from japan!, they will resort to getting them via illegal means!

unless govt major changes made, like repealing their outdated censorship laws, piracy will continue no matter what type of anti piracy measures they do.

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Japan is missing a different bet, too. Live action movies and TV. There was at one time several free sites that offered them. When I stumbled across them I quickly became engrossed and discovered stories, actors, and series that were sensational.

Those sites, sadly, are gone. If Japan had a free site for them they would see a boost interest, viewership, and sales. Just to be able to noodle around and find things you liked, you could them be able to buy what you liked.

I discovered a truly great actress, Yoshine Kyoko. I would gladly pay for her DVDs and or online pays sites to view more of her movies.

Copyright is, yes, an issue, but a movie made in 2004 (Swing Girls, for instance) is not selling a thing here in the US. I can't find it for sale anywhere (even the DVDs don't have my zone). The pay sites often have much harder platforms to work with and don't show older stuff because, well, it's old.

I love anime and manga. I don't watch or read them much anymore, but I used to buy plenty of each. Live action has been obliterated. The shame is some of the most creative movies and shows are lost forever now. (If you can find it, watch Keizoku 2: Spec for one the most inventive ideas ever).

Shame for all that to go to waste.

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