Aircraft taxi on the tarmac at Haneda airport in Tokyo. Photo: REUTERS file

Japanese airlines keep most domestic flights despite few passengers

By Maki Shiraki and Tim Kelly

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Yeah and not thanks to this, these airlines are directly connected with the spreading of the virus!

There have been numerous cases down here in Okinawa, from people who came here from mainland, and have passed the virus on to others they were in contact with.

One Japanese "celebrity" Ishida Junichi came here on April 11th to play golf, And either he brought it, or he got it while here from a partner, who also came from Tokyo!

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This is idiotic, even without the government ordering it, shouldn’t they be reducing flights for pure business reasons?

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The system is truly broken. But we have known this for years.

Eventually, they will have to stop flying. Just get it out of the way already and concentrate on eliminating the virus through getting the RO below 1 and then to zero.

It's the only way. Unless you believe in the tooth fairy.....

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stay home, shut it down and stop come down here to Okinawa!

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Down here on the Amami islands a guy from Saitama came on a fishing trip in early April. Two locals who had close contact with him tested positive yesterday and other are observed. I live on Yoron with a population of just 5000 mostly elderly people. Although local politicians are asking people to refrain from travelling or visiting, there is still a trickle of tourists arriving. I only wish the would shut down the ferry and flight connections for a few weeks

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Who are keeping the uneconomical airlines flying while they hemorrhage cash?

It is going to be us, the tax-payer...

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Basically every large or medium size airport has service from both JAL and ANA, plus a smattering of LCCs. It seems reasonable that service to these airports could be maintained with only one airline flying to each airport. Of course this would take some negotiation and coordination, but it's one option. And for passengers who are only concerned about getting their frequent flyer miles or status qualifications on a certain airline, I'd strongly recommend that they look at the big picture here.

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"If the coronavirus downturn lasts a year ANA will need at least 1.3 trillion yen,"

Where's that going to come from? The Japanese government is in debt up to their ears, thanks mainly to the LDP.

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They deserve then to go under - why would they continue polluting AND flying nerly empty loss making flights? Mad.

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Yes keep the flights going. Make sure they facilitate spreading the disease to more places in Japan. Especially GW they should increase flights so people from the big cities can go to every corner of Japan and infect their family, relatives and especially grand parents. And dont forget allowing all the people who want to visit the big cities so they can catch the disease and then bring it back home later.

Freedom of business and travel, dont worry about people's health. This is Japan!

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Nice being in a position to spend other people's money with impunity without any fear of repercussions. If The system of electing diet members because of family history, through inheritance or because of their exposure to main media who haven't any clue and have to rely on bureaucrats doesn't change nothing will change.

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Don't forget mail and cargo are also on many of these flights, it's not just passengers.

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Extra pollution all for just a few passengers? Your company is losing money and what do you do - help it lose money at an even faster rate!

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Three monkeys. Very Japan.

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Damn annoying - Abe's government has decided to reroute flights over central Tokyo... against the advice of the Pilots union and the Residents... and these flights go on through-out the early hours too!

Abe needs to go, and be investigated for Corruption.

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Another dumb move by the Japanese ...Your starting your first week of lock down so why are domestic air travel still a thing ?

Whats wrong with you guys ??

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Extra pollution all for just a few passengers? Your company is losing money and what do you do - help it lose money at an even faster rate!

Pollution is the last of anyone's concerns, if either JAL or ANA stop flying there will be repercussions throughout the world.

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