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JAL net profit falls nearly 65%

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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have they started begging the govt for ANOTHER bail out?

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Nearly every airline in the world is in the same situation.

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Ummm... So they have a 65% decrease in net profits. That means they still had net profits. That's better than many of the mom and pop stores on the street that have been closing down. Sorry, but not sorry. I am not feeling sorry for a profit making organization that is actually making profits.

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So, they still MADE $500 MILLION in profits and the headlines make it seem like doomsday!

In a real world any one in business would be happy NOT to be in the red! Bugs the hell out of me that in times that we are living in today, this is seen as bad news, hell JAL should be giving their people a raise for the work they have been doing.

Oh wait, the "investors" wont make as much so that's why it's "bad" or "negative" news!

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If JAL is not in financial trouble then why did it receive government money two weeks ago?

Something is extremely wrong in Japan...

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Do the hustleToday  08:25 am JST

Nearly every airline in the world is in the same situation.

Actually, nearly every airline in the world, declaring losses and renewing their forecasts in a dramatically negative way.

Both ANA and JAL announced only decrease in their profits / not loss, so it's good news for them and for us.

If above is correct, they should be able to handle their operations by themselves without touching our taxes or not request money from the government.

However, it's possible that above headline and the content can be classical japanese word-play to hide the truths about the losses. I will not be surprised, if they ask help from government in a huge way.

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For a massively global airline, 300 millions USD in profit are unacceptable for many greedy investors who are mostly foreign - I am not saying that majority shareholders of JAL and ANA are foreigners but their expectation is extremely high. For example, EA stock fell in 2019 because the expectation of investors was not met despite there was profits.

The prospect of a wealthy Japan diminishes everyday with Japanese people getting poorer compared to the world, which most of them are unaware of how poor they are. Japan has to accept foreign investments for many Japanese multinational corporations. The issue here is that Japanese equities are dirt cheap and low on profit generation. Not many foreign investors want to buy; even after the Assets Bubble Crash of 1990s, foreigners still refused to buy any Japanese firm.

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That means they still had net profits.

That's because the figure is for all of the last fiscal year. Most of that period did not coincide with the crisis.

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JAL should be alright. They've been overcharging customers for years, so they should have plenty of reserves...

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If you think air fares have been expensive then wait until we can travel again - Airlnes are retiring numerous older aircraft for good from their fleets and deferring new orders. There will less aircraft. fewer seats, fewer frequencies on many routes - some marginal routes will simply dissapear. Add in expected social distancing, especially in economy, we are in for quite a shock. Be careful what you wish for when you bash airlines.

Yes - as Jeff has pointed these profits are for fiscal year 2019-2020 and they are down this much after only 1 month really being affected.

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