Japan authorizes $2 mil to study high-speed train from Baltimore to Washington


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All this money for a 15minute train ride.

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Who is going to go to Baltimore?! It's been in decline for a long time now, hasn't it? It's population is way smaller than it used to be.

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All this money for a 15minute train ride.

You ain't seen nothing yet, the $2 million is just a drop in the bucket.

California's bullet train was supposed to cost $33 billion, but costs have now risen to $68 billion, before the first shovel of earth was turned. Costs are now estimate to be more than $80 billion, and likely much higher than that, provided that it is actually built. The shovels finally broke ground recently because part of the cost was subsidized by one of Obama's "stimulus" spending programs, and if the work wasn't started, the state would have been required to give it back.

In America you can't build a sidewalk without negotiating through an ocean of red tape. The cost of defending lawsuits from properly owners affected by these projects delays them by several years, or even several decades, and the cost of defending these lawsuits can be more than the costs for the construction and land.

Essentially, these projects are graft-generating boondoggles which make lawyers, politicians, and construction contractors rich, and make the rest of us that much poorer.

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US has high speed train already. Should have done that in Canada with the maximum train speed is pathetic. Never mind the reliability and efficiency of the metro city subway (Toronto, Montreal....) is on par with a 3rd world country with the exception of no one ridding on the roof top yet.

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The agreement formalizes trade relations between (Maryland) and Japan.

Were they at war? Has Maryland seceded?

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High-speed rail is the future and if you don't like it you are a tool of the oil and car companies. Primitive right-wing "Gods and Guns" troglodyte. Keep your car in the garage and take a walk!

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