Japanese auto industry vows to protect jobs worldwide


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Hang on! Didn’t they lay off 20,000 workers the other day?

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Nobody buying cars in America, all the showroom are closed

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JAMA? Is he in the way of someone?

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How? No one is buyi....hey, do these people know what’s going on globally?

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His name is Toyoda?

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Japanese companies are finally beginning to see the gravity of the situation. Just amazed they took so long. Good on Mr. Toyoda for coming out and saying that. Projecting worker's jobs should be the number one priority. Once this goes away (and it will), those companies treated their workers fairly (within their means), will be the ones that will bounce back the strongest. Toyota and other conglomerates: treat people right and they will relay that benevolence later.

To my mind, the same goes for landlords. Those that are able to to should reduce or suspend rents until this has all gone away. I can't believe there haven't been calls in Japan to make this happen.

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JAMA = Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association

Mr Toyoda is the boss! (I like his race driver CM...)

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A very decent attitude and hopefully all involved will cooperate the best they can. Market forces should never be the overriding factor in emergencies such as this, there should always be a place for human decency.

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This was a good and wise move from Mr.Toyoda.

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This is a prime example of Japanese fighting spirit, and a concept that's hard to explain to people in a modern setting. On the flip side, earlier this week a Japanese taxi company laid off their entire staff. The auto-industry seems more deeply rooted in tradition and protecting the working class.

There was a Japanese novel turned movie "A Man Called Pirate" or "Kaizoku to yobareta otoko" by Naoki Hyakuta that demonstrates this unique cultural trait which seems to be dying out.

The president of an oil company did everything he could at the end of the war to keep his employees. They did all kinds of odd jobs to stay afloat while the MacArthur occupation prevented oil sales to the Japanese oil industry. It may have been fiction, but the message resonates. I hope he can preserve jobs and weather the pandemic.


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First we have the talk, now let’s see the action. I’ll withhold my judgment until then.

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Vowing to protect jobs worldwide...just not in Japan.

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How many jobs was it that Nissan cut last week on top of the ones they announced earlier due to their dismal sales over the last year?....they seem to protect jobs in Japan but not overseas. Having said that Toyota seems to treat their worldwide workers better than the rest and Toyoda san seems like a decent guy. Lets see whether reality matches the rhetoric .

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Yeah, I'd say "Jama" is appropriate for this leadership and the suggestions of corporations.

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And yet have any of these companies closed for a few weeks, without using paid holiday, or asked their staff to work from home? No? So money over safety the Japanese way.

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Earlier this year, Toyota closed plants in the US and transferred those jobs to Mexico. Am I missing something?

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As with the 1918-1919 pandemic, and as with the economic downturn of 2008-2009, once the economy is up and running again, then the auto industry will recover.

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His name is Toyoda?

Yes, Toyoda 豊田 and 田(Da) can be read as Ta. So you know who he is.

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