Japan auto output down on weak U.S. demand


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The strength of the yen will wreck employment in many sectors in Japan over the enxt few months.

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The strength of the yen will wreck employment in many sectors in Japan over the enxt few months.

Well they can just head out to the farms and work on raising Japan's pitifully low self-sufficiency rate.

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"Japan auto output down on weak U.S. demand"

So why aren't they selling to other nations ? Again, I'm just sick of these countries, like Japan, that want to blame their economic problems on the USA. Funny... they weren't singing the praises of Uncle Sam when they were drumming up huge trade imbalances with the Americans ! I agree with Lietenant on this. I say shut down the auto manufacturers and electronic producers and focus more on bringing down the cost of rice. Fact is, when all is said and done the US will be able to starve Japan out of any market it wishes. The immediate future will be all about food and water, not autos. The US is 160% self sufficient. Japan will have to decide which it wants, food or Toyotas. I see hard times for the Japanese. They simply haven't developed good relations with any other nation to be going on and on with the blame game.

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Ouch! Call me another ignorant American, I don't understand why food is an issue in the 21st century. It's just not civillized. Maybe it's governments of any type that are humanitys' problem. If we could get the flat lands of Africa & the euasain continent under tractors, instead of warlords, well It's just not right that food should be a problem for anyone, anywhere on the planet now. Some farmers here are starting to worry they'll be outproduced by Brazil! And as far as "starving" anybody out of any market, well we've been watching trade imbalances here (Western Pa. east coast usa) for 3 Decades! So it's not like we're trying to put anybody out of business. At 47 years old, I've had more foreign cars than American! So I buy your Prius & you buy my wheat/corn/rice, whats the problem? The "guy in the street" here in America doesn't understand why other countries people can't buy stuff like we do. About the only thing you can't get here is Cuban cigars (& I imagine if you drive 2 hours north, in Canada you can probably buy those too). In another week, it looks like Obama will be Prez & we'll be talkin' to Cuba in the first time in what 40 years?

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So why aren't they selling to other nations ?

boobug what?? Of course we are selling to other nations. The US just happens to be the largest market for autos, electronics etc. The market has been producing too many products for years now due to this "easy money" situation in the US that is now being corrected. Japan and other countries will now need to make adjustments to their production levels. I don't see any blame here just a realistic adjustment. As for food, prices have risen in every country, self sufficent or not. I'm not sure what you are getting at? Japan produces goods, that's what we do, keep getting better at that.

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Otaru, if I may,

"The US just happens to be the largest market for autos"

Sorry. The US auto market has been saturated for years. I feel boobugs pain. Back around 2001 Japan was consistently advised not to depend so much on the US consumer for it's economic engine. Japan ignored the advice, as did dozens of other nations including Korea, China, Mexico etc. In the meantime American factories were being offshored overseas and Americans were losing their jobs. To make matters worse many nations, especially Japan, refused market access to American business. It's common knowledge that Japan's international competitive level has plummeted over the past 10 years. The US has regained and remained #1 for quit a while now. The evidence is clear, US business is competitive, American markets are open, but foreign countries have continued to raise barriers to protect theirs. Like Japan and that phony beef ban. I basically have no sympathy for those nations out there that are getting hammered by the economic crisis. The solution is simple, open your markets, buy American, and get the US back out shopping. Japan has floundered with its domestic markets, even now with the yen at 90 to the dollar, I doubt Japan will do the necessary thing. They seem paralyzed by a lack of political leadership. I see gruesome times ahead for Japan, the sun has all but set !

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"it looks like Obama will be Prez & we'll be talkin' to Cuba in the first time in what 40 years?"

No chance ! There is a reason "every" president since Kennedy has refused to talk to Cuba. Gee, wonder what the reason might be ?

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