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Nissan plans $663 million investment in Renault's EV unit; says profit leapt in April-June


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Nice someone benefits from a weak yen. Oh surprise surprise its not us little people who continue to get shafted left right and center. Japan inc indeed.

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Nice someone benefits from a weak yen.

Pray tell how the rate will benefit Nissan here when they are investing yen in the project?

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Is it really car company or investment company?

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Slowly but surly Nissan is trying to divorce from Renault, fair game if they buy out Renault shares. The weakness is helping Nissan sales like many Japanese exporter and may be Nissan will someday be able to be the Automaker it use to be.

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I still won't buy Nissan. They've been too shady for my taste.

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And they threw Ghosn under the EV bus because he wanted to merge the two companies.

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Is it really car company or investment company?

It’s a car and a good one.

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there are better deals on market.

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I keep watching these EV articles for more information on what may be the next type of battery, the solid-state, stacked lithium batteries. Theoretically they are cheaper, more dependable, weigh less, can be recharged very quickly, and will have about twice the range of today's lithium batteries. If and when it happens, it will be revolutionary. GM says they are aiming to introduce them in their 2025 product line.

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wants have good priced brand new EV in Japan and get some 900.000JPY gov subsidy than got for BYD atto3...and pass Nissans oyajis ancient business and cars...

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

@Mike - absolutely, and the patronizing "explaining adult concepts to children" tone that these articles always take, seen in the second sentence here, just makes it worse:

Weakness in the Japanese yen also helped Nissan’s bottom line. A weak yen raises the value of Japanese companies' overseas earnings when they are converted into yen.

These writers shill for the government and BoJ over and over, parroting propaganda that is directly against the interests of working people.

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Good strategy. Nissan is going down so why not invest in an overseas company? Brilliant work!

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Woke moderator . Why are you pulling my post and not informing the problem with the post. The last one make 5 and that a highest amount of post in one day to be pull. What is your problem? I can only assume that you have a personal hate of my opinion which today have all been within the forum fair play rules without even informing me why. That why I assume your dislike for my opinions. The world is not a soft pillow so your are always comfortable. Instead of being reactionary how about trying analysing the for what it is not by the posters name.

You sound angry. Have you tried punching a wall?

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Net profits doubled in just one quarter and Japanese workers see their biggest salary bump in years of a paltry two percent.

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