Japan begins anti-dumping probe into Chinese, S Korean iron wire


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Boycott Japan again little kids?

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Robert Cikki Today  10:20 am JST

So you're saying that Japanese manufacturers are unable to compete, but others are?

Yes, that's exactly what they're saying, here in the article, 1st paragraph:

China and South Korea are exporting iron wire at inappropriately low prices

This is not sustainable for the Chinese and South Koreans, they're doing it at a loss to take market share from Japanese producers. It's not fair play at all, and is why there's an investigation with possible tariffs on imports to be applied. It has nothing to do with "not being able to compete", it's got everything to do with "not being able to compete fairly".

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Well, I guess China and South Korea are only doing what Japan used to do.

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Absent a showing that their governments are in some fashion subsidizing the wire makers in China and South Korea I find the argument of the Japanese manufacturers specious. Ask why these companies, especially the South Korean ones as South Korea is a high wage nation, can sell wire at lower prices than Japanese companies and still operate profitably? All three nations pay the same price for iron ore. The article does not mentions the Chinese or South Korean firms being subsidized. Sounds more like a price war. Let the Japanese companies cut their prices and see who outlasts who. If the prices the South Koreans are charging are really below cost they cannot maintain them indefinitely.

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