Japan business chiefs hail ruling bloc win; hope for economic recovery


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Japan's business leaders welcomed the victory of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's ruling coalition in Sunday's lower house election, calling for strong leadership to revive the economy hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Many companies and corporate execs have already made out handsomely during the pandemic thanks to corporate subsidies and a stimulus bloated market. Maybe that is why many voted for the status quo. For the disillusioned majority it is a different story.

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Let's go Japan!

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I would like the ruling party to lead bold policy discussions with a medium- to long-term view

When LDP politicians and their supporters say “bold”, what they actually mean is “stale, timid”.

Unless, of course, there is a question of how much money to spend, and in that case they really go crazy, like drunken sailors in port.

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"...also expressed hope that Kishida would continue his efforts to realize a "new capitalism"

Refeshing to know that the business community is starting to realize that prosperity spreads out from the middle rather than trickling down.

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What subsidies to tackle the economic malaise that decreased economic activity has caused?

100k yen in 2years-pathetic!

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There you go. The ruling class celebrates the election. What better imprimatur need be. Maybe a few verses of 'Under My Thumb' by a chorus CEOs.

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